Screenshot from Vice NDRCVR showing the crowded tabs and database of Amigo OS.

The best indie games from the Los Angeles Summer Games Festival showground

I was in LA for Summer Geoff Fest and played a whole bunch of games. No, not a lot of blockbuster movies – mainly because there aren’t many of them – but there are plenty of independent films instead. In fact, of all the games I’ve seen, played, or peeked at as I cycled between dates, it was the indie games that really stood out.

Given the nature of dates at events like Geoff Fest, a lot of my time with these games was speed dates: elevator pitches, a quick play of thumbsticks, a round of musical chairs when I moved on to another sofa and another game. So, in that same messy vein, I thought I’d collect my favorites from the show floor. Please don’t feel comfortable, we don’t have much time.


It’s the early 80’s in Miami and the drug trade is booming. She employs computer operators who conduct business from their offices using the dark web, and as a cop, you disguise as one of those operators and try to break their drug trade from the inside. Deputy NDRCVR Some papers please in its presentation, but more involved in its management.

You experience a PC running Amigo OS, with all the memory constraints and limited time that 80s technology brings. It is a nice. Cops and scammers contact you to steal information, clear databases or respond to emails, which you must perform within a specified period of time. The magic lies in How you make.

Amigo OS can’t support opening a lot of tabs, so you need to manage what you’re running. Apps and tools take time to cache or complete transactions, so you need to be quick on mouse clicks. Eventually, you’ll be able to upgrade your PC to better support features like these and make searching a little easier. The game makes management a proper suspense, let me tell you. You can find it on Steam.


Blue and orange screenshot of Schim, which shows the player navigating between shadows.

A highlight of The Day Of The Devs 2022 show, Schim sees you playing a tiny creature that lives inside a person’s shadow. Unfortunately, you get lost and need to reunite your shadow person. So you have to jump between people’s shades, benches and umbrellas to get home.

The game is very fun! The music is bouncy and the aesthetics of the colors are great. Hopping between shadows is an elegant environmental puzzle that makes ordinary things a godsend. I’ve never been so grateful for the runners or the guys walking around talking on their phones. Sometimes you get that solid beat, too, which is cool. It’s due on Steam sometime in the future.


Screenshot from Nativity showing some ribs in a cup, a picture of a man with horns, and some animals in a jar.

Birth is a point-and-click adventure from solo developer Madison Carter about the experience of loneliness in a big city. It has slightly crunchy bones and crunchy brown leaves. Again, I got hands-on with this and found it physics-based baffling a great deal of fun. I’m usually someone who can’t handle puzzles and point-and-click games, but I’ve really gotten into a flow with newborn newts in jars and eyeball lollipops.

By “state of flow,” I mean my progress didn’t falter in anything. No matter what my eyes turned and my fingers clicked, every puzzle and environment ended with nothing but a sense of victory and discovery. Be sure to keep an eye on this when it launches on Steam in August.

Time is running

Time Flies is a short game where you play as a fly with a very short lifespan while trying to tag things in a bucket list.

In Time Flies, you fly with a bucket list, hoping to tick off things like “make friends” and “get drunk” at someone’s house before your time is up. The life expectancy is dictated by the country you live in, so that’s about 80 seconds if you’re from the UK…generous.

From what I played, the game was just fine! His sense of humor was top notch, with lumbering music supporting me. Exploring the house was exciting the first few times, but after a while it got a little tiring. Maybe there will be other phases on release, or maybe I’m missing the metaphor about life and death and stuff. Who knows. There’s no release date yet, but you can keep tabs on Steam.

animal well

Scary figurines of a cat, lizard, ostrich (?), and seahorse from Animal Well.

Animal Well is a metroidvania game from single developer Shared Memories, aka Billy Basso, where you control a broken-legged potato and guide it through a dangerous world full of scary cats and the like. The demo I played showed some platforming, exploration and dodge. The effects of the water were beautiful and I kept talking about it while Basu handled my flow tactfully and patiently.

My main conclusion: you need to look very carefully at each stage. Buttons Hidden passages lie in plain sight, and I imagine future stages will have plenty of layers to reveal. Before the demo ended and I was told to move the sofas, I had to escape this scary ghost by throwing a firecracker on the floor which startled it and saved me time. No release date has been set for this date, but you can pay attention to it on Steam.

Desta: memories between

Desta and her friends jump a boss and toss balls at him in Desta: Memories Between.

Desta: The Memories Between is a turn-based tactical game by Ustwo Games, who are the people behind the Alba: A Wildlife Adventure series and the Monument Valley mobile series. Loss is a major topic here, as Desta, who she plays, recently lost her father. To deal with grief, you delve deeper into your dreams and play a phony dribble ball with the one her father gave her before his death.

I literally got two minutes of hands-on practice with this, but I can vouch that it sounds very friendly to anyone – like me – who is a little intimidated by turn-based tactics games. Even more interesting is the way you can throw the ball between your allies to give them more turns, or even bounce it off surfaces to get a better grip. There’s definitely depth to Heads of Strategies too, as it all plays a major role in your team’s success. There’s no release date on this, but be sure to follow it up on Steam.

a little to the left

Bookshelf from rearrangement game

Alice Bee and Alice O have written about A Little To The Left and the comforting, baffling antics before. I didn’t play them until the Summer Games Festival, but I was impressed by the texture of the fruit I swirled around and the delightful shots when I removed their supermarket posters. Other than that, I made myself a laughingstock in the kiosk when I struggled to complete one of the oldest puzzles, which involved matching pictures scattered together for a double phone cable – great times. The game will be released on Steam later this year.

Glitchbusters: stuck on you!

Four glitch busters are standing by, ready to crack some loopholes.

I’m checking out about Glitchbusters: Stuck On You! In our vid included at the top of this article. It is a 4-player co-op third-person shooter where you and your little colorful Glitch Busters battle viruses with your guns and magnetic feet. It’s a colorful, fun, and exhilarating class. Like, seriously, you pick each other up to reach new heights; attached to roofs for climbing; Dash around platforms to spin them, or use the momentum you’ve built to smash enemies and get rid of their protective helmets. The 2D clips see you expand or regress to avoid obstructions. Cor, what time did you have? Unfortunately, there’s no release date for today either, but you can follow it on Steam.

E3 2022 isn’t in full swing – watch everything at the E3 2022 hub, plus our full roundup of everything announced for Summer Game Fest 2022. There are still plenty of big game shows and live broadcasts this summer, so be sure to keep up with the streaming schedule. summer games.

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