Robin S, whose song was chosen by Beyoncé

Robin S. didn’t know about Beyoncé samples “Show Me Love” For Break My Soul until her phone started exploding

Made Beyoncé’s comeback song “Break My Soul” The whole world is dancing, with many looking at the song as an indication of Beyoncé’s immersion in house music. The song itself is typical of a classic ’90s house song, a song “Show Me Love” for Robin S. And despite having to survey a sample of one of the biggest artists in the world, Robin S. didn’t know Beyoncé sampled her song until it was released and listeners made her name go viral.

Robin S. Scott Dodelson/Getty Images

Beyoncé’s “Break My Soul” song embodies Robin S.

Robin S. first released Show Me Love in 1990. The song was instrumental in making house music mainstream. In the ensuing years, many hit songs featured female singers on ready-to-dance tunes, including “Gypsy Woman” And the “100% Pure Love” For Crystal Waters and “Free” For Ultra Naté.

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