Phillies' winning streak ends at 9 matches

Phillies’ winning streak ends at 9 matches

Philadelphia – Rob Thompson huddled with Kyle Schwarber and Nick Castellanos in their locker for a few minutes early Sunday night at Citizens Bank Park.

The Phillies snapped a nine-game winning streak with a 13-1 loss to Arizona. I started with the 41-course long course of Ranger Suárez. The frame included some glaring defensive errors that set the tone for a long afternoon. It ended with catcher Garrett Stubbs making the first performance of his career, throwing fast balls at 88mph while trying to salvage some bullseyes for a better, more competitive day.

“Look,” Schwarber said. “It’s one game, right? There are a lot of games to go. We obviously didn’t play sharp today. That’s what you can chalk to. We didn’t play sharp. We won the streak. There are things that you take away and learn from and move on. But still There are a lot of positives in what we’ve been doing. And I think that’s going to be the biggest takeaway – it’s the positive stuff from what we’ve been doing here for the last 11 days. It’s playing a really strong baseball game.”

The Phillies (30-30) won nine straight games for the first time since a streak of nine games in a row in 2011, when they won a record 102. This winning streak came with unforgettable moments. There were the Grand Slams that Bryce Harper scored in the eighth inning, and Homer’s Bryson Stott went out on the ninth on June 5 against the Angels. There was Homer Alec Bohm linked to the game and Matt Ferling on June 7 against the Brewers closest Josh Hader.

There was dominant performances on the field, powerful hitting and solid defense throughout, as Thompson became the third coach since at least 1900 to win the first eight games of his career, joining Pat Moran (1915 Phillies) and Joe Morgan (1988 Red Sox).

The Phillies believe they are closer to the team that won nine in a row than the team that started 22-29 and cost Joe Girardi his job.

“I think it’s just a relief, man,” Castellanos said. “And I have confidence that when we go down we can come back. Despite our loss today, this is still another win in the series for us.”

Of course, nothing is ever perfect. Suarez continued to struggle with his control and leadership. He issued an initial walk in the first and fifth after receiving two hits against both hitters. Both runners scored.

Suarez has been mostly ineffective this season. He threw a lot of pitches, forcing him to walk out of the match earlier than expected.

Castellanos went 0 for 3 with three strokes. It hits .251 with seven Homer’s, 31 RBIs and .715 OPS. Compared to last season, he hits more and doesn’t hit the ball as hard as often.

“I haven’t felt comfortable all year,” Castellanos said. “But it’s only a matter of time, I’ll tell you. It’s the kind of thing that sometimes goes through phases that you don’t really have a good feeling for. At least for me. Just one off the bat. Honestly sometimes all it takes is just one swing and then a flick.” It begins to roll.

“Honestly it’s just me. I just don’t feel comfortable.”

Castellanos had a double swing down the right line late in Saturday’s victory over linebacker D. Bryce Harper scored from the start in the play. Many people thought it might be the hit Castellanos needed to get rid of the funk.

“This is just a reminder, don’t take the game too seriously,” Castellanos said. “Baseball can be a funny game sometimes. Sometimes it can be [really] suck, did you know? This is the honest truth.”

But baseball has mostly been beneficial to the Phillies team since Thompson took over. Players responded to his relaxed demeanor.

They think it can lead to more good things.

“At the end of the day, we won the series,” Thompson said. “We have to move on to tomorrow. That’s the message to guys. Just go ahead. We have a new series coming up. Just keep winning series. We’ve gotten off to a good start most of the time.” [during the streak]. Our office was fine. We scored a lot of runs. We went out in front of people and mostly played really good defence. The ball hit someone, we grabbed it and we threw it and we got out. We’ve always thought this is the club we are at.”

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