Bensbury, Conwell Egan, North Penn play the semi-finals

Bensbury, Conwell Egan, North Penn play the semi-finals


Chalk increased Pennsbury’s loss in Monday’s PIAA Class 6A softball semi-final into several things.

he is called:

Many uncharacteristic errors.

An opposing jug of dynamite drives a hungry team.

And a little forward looking.

“I think we might have gotten a little bit ahead of ourselves and were thinking about playing for the state title,” Pennsbury catcher Rowan Mulholland said of her team’s 9-0 loss to Seneca Valley.

“And the bowler did a really good job. If you can’t hit, you can’t win.”

Postseason payment:Shearer’s big day started at North Pence before the Knights won the quarter-finals

The loss, the first time the Falcons were closed (24-3) all season, ended their season as the Raiders advanced to Friday’s PIAA title match against the winner of a Monday night game between PIAA champion defender North Penn and Spring-Ford.

“Give this team a lot of credit,” said Pensbury head coach Frank McChery, who wrapped up his 40th season with a second straight trip to the PIAA semi-finals and plans to return in 2023.

“They came off hard with the bats and were ready to go. We made some uncharacteristic mistakes that hurt us and we’ve never been able to get into our game. They deserved it.”

Seneca Valley (16-6), located about 25 miles north of Pittsburgh, heads to State College as the seven district champ and 13-game winning streak.

“We played really well and we need to keep doing that in another game,” said Seneca Valley’s first-year coach Marles Hammes, who was a standout player in 1992 when the Raiders appeared in their only PIAA title match. .

“This whole season has been really great. Our girls are all friends and have fun on the court. We lost when we played states when I was a kid and hopefully it’s a different story for us this time.”

This year’s story has a familiar theme for 30 years, as Hammes’ daughter, the impressive student Lexi Hammes, was the dominant bowler.

Younger Hammes only took one hit for Bensbury and didn’t go fast during the 11 hit. No Falcon went above second base.

In last Thursday’s quarter-finals, Hammes only surrendered three times in a 1-0 win over Quakertown.

“Their throw is really strong and it’s throwing punches,” said McSherry. “This is a tough team to face.”

Seneca Valley scored five games in the third inning from Pensbury Ainsley McClure’s start and added four more against loyalist Quinn McGonigle in the fourth inning.

“Ainsley meant as much to our program as all of the seniors did,” said McSherry. “We’ve got some really good players coming back, but we’ll miss our seniors.”

They can sing too

In a glorious pre-match moment with the two teams lined up after the introductions, the bad public discourse system won’t play the national anthem. do not worry. Instead, the Pennsbury players began singing the Star Spangled Banner and soon Seneca Valley players joined in. Well done on both sides.

Drew Marcol

Class 2 A

12-1 Conwell-Eagan 7, 6-2 Claesberg-Kimmel 2

Pictures:Pensbury and Quakertown look to keep post-season dreams alive in the quarter-finals

It’s been a historic season for Conwell Egan, long before the Eagles played their semi-final match at PIAA Class 2A on Monday. And the Eagles will go on to make history, defeating Claesburg-Kimmel 7-2 to advance to their first state title match in program history. And it’s not only a first for Conwell Egan, but for the Philadelphia Catholic League. The Eagles will become the first team in PCL history to play in a PIAA Softball Championship game.

The Eagles were the second PCL softball team to win a state quarterfinal in league history, eight seasons after Lansdale Catholics went to the semifinals in 2014.

The winning bowler Ahlana Cesar kept the Tigers with just four hits, while the Eagles’ attack took care of the rest.

Outfield player Katie Brennan, MVP of the Philadelphia Catholic League, continued her strong postseason. Brennan, who salvaged the match in a first-round Eagles victory, led the way in attacking with a pair of doubles. Cassidy Blaskoff, Angie Bresnan and Cecilia Macbeth each had two successes with the Eagles, who opened the game in the fifth round with five runs.

Conwell Egan will play District 7 champion Nichanok in Friday’s game at the Pennsylvania State University Championship. Nichanok defeated Laurel 13-6 in the semifinals.

Class 4 A

2-1 Tonkhanok 13, 1-1 Villa Joseph Marie 0

An uncharacteristic first half saw Tunkhannock score seven runs over Jems, who were unable to rise again in the Class 4A semi-final match. While the promotion was a strong point for James during the post-season, Tunkhannock took advantage of two mistakes and a wild ground to put the game out of reach. Villa Joseph Marie finished the season with a 19-4 record and a Division I Division 4A Championship.

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