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Why you should use GeForce Experience to improve your games

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PC gamers who want to get the most out of their graphics card often need to spend some time adjusting game settings. But is there a better way? NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience may be the best solution for gaming improvement.

Ready Driver game prompts

If you are a proud owner of an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card, it is worth downloading the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app. Although it is not necessary to play games on your PC, it can enhance your gaming experience.

Game-ready drivers are available through NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software

One of the main advantages of GeForce Experience is the Game Ready Drivers feature. You can manually check for driver updates, or you can set the software to notify you about them automatically. These drivers are often released before a new game is released and include bug fixes and performance boosts.

Custom installation on geforce experience

When installing the latest drivers, NVIDIA GeForce Experience allows you to choose between a “custom” or “express” installation. Custom installation means that you can check the latest version of available drivers, as well as see if other drivers, such as audio drivers, are available.

However, driver updates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring what GeForce Experience can really do to improve your games.

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Enhanced games in the palm of your hand

Nvidia GeForce Experience Optimizes Games

One of the most useful features in GeForce Experience is the ability to enhance your game library with the click of a button. NVIDIA runs thousands of tests and uses its cloud data center to find basic settings for your PC based on its components. You can do this on a game-by-game basis or have NVIDIA automatically optimize any newly added games.

Individual graphics settings Geforce experience

You can also view independent in-game settings by hovering over each setting to see exactly how in-depth NVIDIA Performance Optimization can improve your game performance. This software allows you to go beyond what basic graphics settings in games allow you to.

The slideshow will show the game you are currently optimizing for, making the settings easier to understand. And if you prefer to adjust the settings yourself, you can do so by clicking the wrench icon to improve performance or quality. Here you can also override the resolution and display mode for each game.

NVIDIA doesn’t work right all the time, but it sure is a lot easier to improve your games in one fell swoop. If you know what you like and don’t like, like motion blur, you can optimize the settings automatically, then go manually and change the settings you want.

Broadcasting made simple

Aside from being able to enhance your games, you can use NVIDIA ShadowPlay to record and broadcast your gameplay, allowing you to share your content widely.

NVIDIA shadowplay video capture settings

While playing, you can record the gameplay by pressing Alt + F9; This will record anything you do in your game with the files that can be accessed on your computer once you stop recording. You can choose to record in low, medium or high quality, or choose your own custom settings. This includes the ability to adjust resolution and frame rates.

If you prefer to record for a short period of time, to capture a particular scene or action, you can also use ShadowPlay’s instant playback feature by pressing Alt + F10; This can be set using a preset length of between 15 seconds and 20 minutes.

For streaming devices, ShadowPlay can also be used to broadcast live to a range of platforms including Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube. But that’s not all, because you can add a custom branding and customize the HUD to display the number of viewers, comments, and more. So, once you’ve enhanced your games with NVIDIA GeForce Experience, you can share your creations with the world so that your viewers will be amazed.

Screenshots have never been so good

Using NVIDIA Ansel in-game

Whether you’re using Steam or another gaming platform, there’s always a way to take screenshots within the game, so you might be wondering how different the NVIDIA Ansel is. Instead of taking a basic screenshot, Ansel lets you use your camera to capture a variety of angles and then use post-processing filters to create a truly stylized image.

From vignette filters to adding stickers, you can take 4K photos to show off your gameplay. You can open the NVIDIA Ansel by pressing Alt + F2 while in a compatible game, which allows you to see everything that is displayed using the overlay.

Using GeForce Experience

No matter what type of gamer you are, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience is essential for those with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card installed.

Not only does it take away the tedious work of looking for driver updates, but it also makes it incredibly easy to optimize your games so that they can play the way they are meant to be played, keeping your PC hardware in mind.

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