Taylor Swift on Taking Back Her Music, Using 'Secret-Agenty' Tactics as Director and One Day Making a Feature - Tribeca Festival - Deadline

Taylor Swift on Taking Back Her Music, Using ‘Secret-Agenty’ Tactics as Director and One Day Making a Feature – Tribeca Festival – Deadline

Taylor Swift gave surprise guests and a surprising vocal performance for well Along with a half hour thoughtful conversation about filmmaking with writer and director Mike Mills at Tribeca.

After showing her short film well (Set its extended version of the song of the same name in the re-recorded version of the album red released last year), she and Mills have covered a range of topics. In addition to delving into the short research, they spoke about the challenges facing the directors, the ins and outs of collaboration and efforts to dramatize “couple failure to communicate.” Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien, who play the main couple wellwere not billed to be part of the afternoon but were brought on stage for the last half of the talk.

Citing John Cassavetes describing the “secret agent” tactics of deliberately withholding information from the cast and crew, she demonstrated both serious thinking about filmmaking and also the unmistakable instincts of a famous artist. She gave a shout out to Mills’ long video for “I Am Easy to Find” by The National (whose guitarist, Aaron Desner, was one of Swift’s main collaborators recently) but has found an accessible way to do it. “She really inspired me in ways that I can’t overstate,” she said. Additionally, she added, “We are both members of the Aaron Desner Cinematic Universe!”

The sales crowd at the Bacon Theater crowded their admiration at intervals throughout the 90-minute event. Mills commented on the party-like feel on stage and joked, “I’d get really depressed when I talk about my work and they don’t,” he said, referring to the audience. Swift then comically objected, asking the audience about Mills’ latest feature film. “who saw come on come on? she asked. As they let out a loud and long shriek, Mills exclaimed, “I have an out-of-body experience.”

Swift said the push into directing, along with many other aspects of her artistic path, stemmed from the fact that “I wasn’t able to own my own work.” While she omitted the details, she was referring to the purchase of the Scooter Braun and the resale of the 2020 Big Machine Label Group, which had controlled most of Swift’s major recordings. The transactions meant that Swift was not able to have a say in how its previous recordings were marketed or packaged. Speed ​​scientists examined the lyrics on her twin albums of Pandemic, folklore And the foreverto refer to the Brown saga.

Taylor’s series of albums is still unfolding red She aims to regain her strength, a feeling similar to what she experienced behind the camera well. “It was a very difficult time for me,” she said of losing control of her main recordings. “A lot of my toughest moments and moments of great sadness or loss have been driven by what my life looks like now.”

The conversation didn’t touch on the real-life relationships that inspired “All Too Well,” but Swift and O’Brien describe a scene midway through the movie in which the two main characters fight, but eventually break out and cuddle. While the general concepts and framework for the film were written and organized, sequences such as the fight were largely improvised.

“We repeat ourselves — we go in circles, you know?” O’Brien said. He added that in a traditional project, these kinds of repetitions are often cut out. “But that’s what makes it.” Swift added, “The other person doesn’t hear you say it, so you say it this is road. You might say it louder. …you are trying to be heard. It’s a failure to communicate.”

I asked Mills Swift, who has directed several short music videos, if she intended to pursue a feature film. She said, “I love it.” “It would be nice to write something and direct it”, although it would probably be a project on a human scale similar to it well. She also admitted later in the conversation that she had “the privilege of even being able to pick up a camera,” noting that she funded the entire short film, something budding filmmakers (especially women) can’t do.

In a recent twist to an event described as only talk, Swift performed All Too Well, singing and playing acoustic guitar. Earlier, I noticed that the extended version was only recorded due to fans’ appetite for it.

When I got to a crucial line – “Patriarchy!” The singing audience has reached its peak.

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