Predict the season, breakdown, main games, players

Predict the season, breakdown, main games, players

Ohio Bobcats 2022 Preview: Preview, forecast and look ahead to the Ohio season with what you need to know and season keys.

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Preview of Ohio Bobcats
Tim Alpine: 3-9, sophomore at Ohio
Fifth year overall, 28-17, 2021 preview
2021 record: Overall: 3-9, Conference: 3-5
Season keys
Predict the season, what will happen
Ohio Top 10 Players | Ohio schedule

Preview for Ohio Bobcats 2022

Well, that’s not how it’s supposed to work.

Ohio has been a model of consistency under Frank Solich — 2008 was their last losing season — with bowl games and fights for the MAC Championship portion of the base. There may have been no conference titles, but the show was always on the pre-season shortlist for contenders.

Solich retired, and the team looked and played without direction in a 3-9 season – the worst campaign since 2003.

But the head coach and everyone else were able to take a deep breath, there were some good parts in an otherwise ugly season, and with four losses through relegation or less, there may not be as much work to do as it seems, with…

Ohio Bobcats 2022 preview: Crime

The crime was not miserable. It went well, but the pass attack struggled, wasn’t effective, and the 22.6 points per game wouldn’t have worked. But with a decent offensive line and a plethora of good skill bits, this can bounce back quickly, starting with…

The running game must be stronger. O’Shaan Allison is a good veteran quarterback, but the arrogant De’Montre Tuggle’s lead has been completed. An attack averaging over five yards per game should hit the mark again, but more bits are needed to help Alison.

The offensive line should do the job. The pass protection was great, and with three players back, this combination will be an added advantage once the left side is leveled.

Kurtis Rourke continues the Rourke tradition of owning a quarterback party. Nathan Rourke got the job from 2017 to 2019, and Curtis has been the guy for the past two years who’s come into third. It’s a decent enough passer – it’s accurate – that’s used to getting out on the go as an essential part of a running game. UCF’s Parker Navarro comes to press for time.

Isiah Cox left for Alabama A&M, and main receiver Cameron Odom was finished, but Tyler Walton led the team with 32 catches and on the way is Rice’s August Pitre to add more field pop.

Preview of Ohio Bobcats 2022: Defense

Defense takes more work than offense. But the defense has more veteran parts in the back and it should be more stable. There was no quick tip, the running defense wasn’t great, and the passing dash was nothing more than an interesting rumor. After allowing 431 yards and 30 points per game,

Linebackers are the stars. There may have been issues with Bobcat’s defense, but Bryce Houston led the team with 104 tackles and Cannon Blauser was all inside with 86 stops. It should be among the best 1-2 linebacking punches in MAC.

Secondary had young playmaker in the corner Roman Baroudi, and Taig Drake led the team with three interceptions to go along with 49 tackles from a strong safety point. Alvin Floyd is the goalkeeper as well, who will work a bit independently. However, the depth in security is an issue.

Much has to come from the dash of scrolling. There wasn’t much production with only 17 bags, and Will Evans was the best on the line. The bulk is missing, but Kylen McCracken is a veteran fighter on the nose and Dontay Hunter of Purdue is on her way to help. Now the stops should be there versus the runs.

Season keys
Predict the season, what will happen
Ohio Top 10 Players | Ohio schedule

Ohio Bobcats: Keys To The Season, Top Game, Top Transfer, Next Fun Stats

Ohio Bobcats: Season Keys, Best Game, Best Transfer, Fun Stats

Ohio Bobcats: Key Attack 2022

There must be a pass game again.

The 2017 attack averaged 7.6 yards per pass and struggled a bit — but the ground game made up for it. After that, the passes in the field had been in place for three years, interceptions were not an issue, and the offense got into production when needed.

Last year, the Bobcats averaged just seven yards per pass, having only had four touchdowns in eight games before coming in six on the two-game late winning streak.

The O captured with Kurtis Rourke started throwing, and while he might not be CJ Stroud, he needs to get out about 200 yards and closer to eight yards per throw.

Ohio Bobcats: Key to Defense for 2022

Where was the takeaway?

It all comes together there wasn’t enough rush in the pass, not enough third stops, and the teams didn’t have to push that hard to keep things moving.

Ohio’s defense wasn’t able to force enough mistakes to make things matter and make crimes pay.

After coming off six games in just three games in 2020, and 15 in 2019, Player D forced just eight laps last year with no recovery over the last seven.

There have been no turnovers in seven out of 12 games and the two against Central Michigan was the only time the team came in by multiple points.

Ohio Bobcats: Key player for the 2022 season

DT Kylen McCracken, Sr.
The Bobcats couldn’t be better without a lot of production from the defensive front. More against running, more playing behind the line, more overall pressure. The problem is the lack of depth, options and mass.

This puts more pressure on the 6-3, 300-pound McCracken, a veteran reserve who saw more work last year with 15 interventions as he helped finish the business. Now he needs to have an anchor in his nose, and if he doesn’t, there will be a lot of tweaking to do.

This is also why…

Ohio Bobcats: Transfer Switch

D.T. Dontay Hunter, Soph.
He hasn’t gotten any business in his two years at Purdue, but a 6-4, 270-pound size is required for the Bobcat line that needs as many big options as possible.

A bit of a tweener that can act as a big ending or a quick tackle, has to find a place somewhere in the spin. He may not have had a chance to show what he could do with the Boilermakers, but he was a good recruiter – the upside is there.

Ohio Key 2022

Kent State, October 1
Gold flashes have never been a problem before.

Ohio won six straight times in the series, two didn’t play in 2020, and last year the Golden Flash managed to break the streak. If this is going to be any kind of bounce season for the Bobcats, they have to win their opening MAC match with two road games to follow and challenging road games of late.

A win, and there’s a good chance they’ll be 3-2 before Akron gets a chance to top last year’s win total by early October.

Ohio Bobcats: 2021 fun stats

Red Zone results: opponents 52 of 61 – Ohio 31 of 37
Touch: Ohio 16 (lost 8) – opponents 9 (lost 2)
Field goals: opponent 22 of 26 – Ohio 16 of 24

Attack, defense collapse
Predict the season, what will happen
Ohio Top 10 Players | Ohio schedule

Ohio Bobcats season predictions, what happens next

Ohio Bobcats season predictions, what will happen

Seriously, how much deviation has there been in 2021?

With all the success and consistency this program has shown for so many years, this can’t all be for nothing as Frank Sulic decided to do something else.

There’s still a good 22 start here, and there are still the right expectations for it to be good enough to be in the mix of big things on the MAC.

However, not enough is done through the transfer gate, the depth is a bit worrisome, and the table isn’t that bad.

Determine the Ohio Bobcats’ regular-season win with a total of… 6

There are too many good players on this year’s squad to have another player in a row, but could the streaks be better? Can the defense appear? Can the attacker start to dominate matches with the ground attack like he used to?

Bobcats will be better.

They should be able to get to Buffalo, Bowling Green and Fordham at home. There’s that game total last year, then a potential win over Akron, a date with the Florida Atlantic, and a 50/50 game enough against teams like Kent State, Ball State and University of Miami to come up with at least six wins.

Attack, defense collapse | Season keys
Ohio Top 10 Players | Ohio schedule and analysis

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