Mitch Trubisky, Marcus Mariota, or Sam Darnold: Who starts more games in 2022?

Mitch Trubisky, Marcus Mariota, or Sam Darnold: Who starts more games in 2022?

In a modern edition of CBS Sports Fantasy Football Today Podcast, host Adam Eiser along with fantasy football analysts Heath Cummings and Dave Richard discussed the topic of the three QBs and their status as starters for the upcoming 2022 season, specifically which of the three passers-by is likely to start the most matches for their team. The three names on stage for this topic were Marcus Mariota of the Atlanta Falcons, Sam Darnold of the Carolina Panthers, and Mitch Trubesky of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Analyst Heath Cummings created a Twitter poll in the lead-up to the podcast episode, asking fans which of the three passers-by they expect to finish the season with more starts under their belt in 2022. The poll results in favor of Mariota having more starts in 2022 than Trubisky and Darnold , with Aizer, Richard and Cummings all voting for Mariota to start more games from QBs that are expected to start for Panthers and Steelers.

Looking at the QB darkrooms for all three teams in the survey, there doesn’t seem to be a glaringly obvious choice at first glance. All three QBs are first three former picks in their draft classes who struggled to meet those bills to start their NFL careers, as all three are on new teams rather than the original team that spent this venture capital to pick them. In the case of Trubisky and Mariota, both players are now on their third NFL team since entering the league.

In Mariota’s case, the Hawks picked Desmond Reader in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft, he’s expected to be more of a backup to start his NFL career and hopefully show a big enough lead to eventually push Mariota to a starting job. The Panthers followed a similar trend in the draft, choosing Ole Miss QB Matt Corral in the third round to sit behind Darnold as he developed, possibly eventually pushing for a starting job sometime in 2022 if Darnold is struggling.

Kenny Pickett was selected in the first round in 20th overall by Pittsburgh with the full intention of competing for a starting job with both Trubisky and current Mason Rudolph. For this reason, one could argue that Trubisky’s chances of avoiding Pickett are probably lower than the other two QB positions due to the investment in higher draft capital and the intentions made since Pickett was selected.

Tomlin and Colbert say starting the QB job would be an open competition between Trubisky, Rudolph and Beckett

However, if one were to argue that Trubisky starts more games than the other two names mentioned, such an argument can be supported based on many factors. For example, Trubisky plays on the overall better team in Pittsburgh, which likely results in more immediate success and less chance of lapses if the Steelers win early in the season than if Atlanta and Caroline struggle early. Both Darnold (17-32) and Mariota (29-32) did not perform as well as starting QBs, while Trubisky boasts a winning record (29-21). Another injury history point can count against Mariota, having missed quite a bit of time in the past few seasons as a starting player as well as a QB reserve with several different injuries.

Once again, the topic of the poll brought up by the CBS Fantasy Football team here is interesting, as there are old faces in new places trying to get their careers back on track. Time will tell which of the three will end up starting most games in 2022, but given the competition Beckett is supposed to bring to Trubisky in training camp, both show analysts and fans have opted to side with Mariota over the expected Pittsburgh Steelers starting QB.

What do you think of this poll? Who do you think will start more games in 2022 and why? Will Pittsburgh allow Trubesky to keep the job if he plays well enough to start the season, or will they hand the reins to Beckett regardless? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and thanks again for reading!

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