Here are 8 awesomely useful indie games to keep your eyes on

A Kaichu - Screenshot of Kaiju Dating Sim showing main character Gigachu kissing a huge butterfly monster.

The Useful Games Live Show Just wrapped, and after about an hour of trailers, the livestream confirmed one thing for me: There are definitely lotta farms out in the wild. Hey, I don’t mind the abundance of these games. Farming in games can be a relaxing getaway, but it was strange to see so many people trying to bite into the successful formula of games like animal crossing And the Stardu Valley. However, the broadcast featured a number of compelling indie games, from turn-based rhythm games to visual novels, some of which are coming sooner than you might expect.

In case you didn’t know, Wholesome Direct, now in its second year, is a live stream dedicated to relaxing indie games that are typically developed by marginal creators. So what you get are experiences that go off the beaten track, stories on the topic often pushed aside in “AAA” development. As such, these games tend to be overshadowed by the glamor (and massive marketing campaigns) of games with big budgets. This is where Wholesome Direct comes in: to highlight developers who are pushing the broker into often unexplored territory. It’s amazing stuff!

Anyway, out of the nearly 100 useful games shown during today’s broadcast, here are eight that you absolutely should keep an eye on:

frog tale

A joint collaboration between Norman Independent Studios and Mythcarver Games, frog tale It is a magical RPG where you battle to the rhythm of 80s synth beats not unlike… NecroDancer crypt. I love the pixel art aesthetic and the cool characters. gives me too Final Fantasy Meets the energy of rhythmic play, and that smacks.

frog tale It is expected to release on PC sometime in 2023. You can Put it on your Steam Wishlist now and Support her Kickstarter campaign.

The Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and the Butterfly

This was great to see! the original coffee talk It was a beloved visual novel by its creator,Mohamed FahmyHe died tragically this year. So, it’s been raised that the spirit of the first game seems to be living in this sequel from Toge Productions. The Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and the Butterfly The story of the OG game continues with new characters and additional features such as temperature control and more drinks to serve to customers.

The Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and the Butterfly It was launched sometime in the year 2023 for the Nintendo Switch, macOS and PCPlayStation devices and Xbox systems.

Kaichu – Kaiju dating sim

So, while I was taking notes with Wholesome Direct running on the second screen, Squiddershins Kaizhou All I can write is “what?” kaiju dating simulator, Kaichu – Kaiju dating sim It puts you in the role of Gigachu, a great romantic looking for love. You go on dates with six other gigantic monsters, and do things like destroy buildings while cuddling in between carnage. It’s sweet and funny, and I want it now.

Kaichu – Kaiju dating sim he is It is expected to reach the PC this summer.


If the name does not give an idea of ​​its premise, then the description of the game does just that. “Get your ax and save the environment by chopping up and recycling everything man-made in your path.” Yes, that is pretty much Smokey the Bear: The Game. In FinalBoss games Lumberjack, you Play as Jack, the bear who serves as the last environmental savior. Armed with your trusty – and customizable – axe, you go about eliminating human creations by solving puzzles in the hopes of preserving the environment for everyone. Well, now this seems like an important topic that we should talk about more.

Lumberjack Now on Nintendo Switch and computer.


Percussion platform developed by Half Asleep, melatonin A collection of mini-games about putting together different and disparate dreams. Each chapter features a different type of challenge, requiring you to shoot UFOs while at the beat, jump between platforms according to the rhythm, and eat cake on a chair in the sky. Yes, it is strange. But hey, a wonderful stranger. And the melatonin Both.

melatonin Coming to Nintendo Switch and computer On September 16.

paper animal rpg

Cuddling Raccoon Studios’ paper animal rpg It obviously takes some inspiration from Nintendo Mario paper Franchising, while also being largely its own thing. A cute roguelike game set in a colorful world the size of a board game, where you help a baby chick named Peep and his friends find the king by strategically defeating enemies, all while meeting adorable animals and leveling campfires.

paper animal rpg It doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can Put it on your Steam Wishlist. a Kickstarter campaign launched this summerand, if funded, will reach Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation Console, and Xbox systems.

Oliverog Toad Slider

Screenshot of Olliefrog Toad Skater showing an amphibious skier dragging what appears to be a snatch method into a big-ass bowl.

No list of mine would be complete without a game of skateboarding. the master Oliverog Toad Slider is a combination of Tony Hawk Pro Skater And the skateboarding game break wave in the best possible way. You play as a customizable frog in the so-called “loyal entertainment of skateboarding games of the late 1990s and early 2000s.” In other words, the gravity-defying Indy 900s. But as an amphibian. Yes, this is disgusting!

Oliverog Toad Slider “Hopefully” in late 2023, according to its Steam page. Could you Put it in your computer wishlist now and Support her Kickstarter campaign. Oh, and there Demo of Oliverog Toad Slider available now on me Itch.


A relaxing story game about one of the most boring card games imaginable, Beardshaker Games solitaire It plays more like a tarot reading than a solitaire game. With Mysterious Soul cards, you can interpret the meaning of the symbols on the cards to predict the future of your customers and friends. It has some beautiful illustrations full of rich colors, a chilling guitar soundtrack, and some subtle mystery that seems intriguing. OK.

solitaire It doesn’t have a release date, but you can Put it on your Steam Wishlist Currently.

Phew. That was quite a bit. And again, those eight games were the most compelling for me. There were a lot of shows on during the live stream so be sure to please me in the comments with some relaxing relaxing experiences that set you apart. Oh, and be sure to hit Learn more about the choices above and more.

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