Game 4 preview: Warriors vs Celtics - 10/22/06

Game 4 preview: Warriors vs Celtics – 10/22/06

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Back to Boston
After two games to one, the Warriors have a chance to restart the series again Friday night when they face the Boston Celtics in Game Four of the NBA Finals. After losing the road in Game 3, the Warriors will have another chance to extend their NBA record streak of 26 straight streaks with at least one win on the road. That streak dates back to 2013 and according to Elias Sports Bureau, Draymond Green (26), Clay Thompson (26) and Stephen Curry (25) are the only players to have won at least one road game in every game series they’ve played. in (minimum 20).

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The last time
The Warriors dropped by as much as 18 points in the first half, but in a strong third quarter the deficit fell to four points in the final frame. The Dobbs scored 23-11 in the fourth quarter, making only 5 of 15 field goals, 1 of 9 3-point attempts and eight more turns than the Celtics. Stephen Curry scored the team’s highest level 31 points in a 116-100 loss. » Full game summary

Match at a glance

Arrange the playoff
GSW boss
Point: 113.0 (first) Point: 107.2 (eighth)
REB: 43.6 (sixth) REB: 42.9 (seventh)
AST: 27.6 (first) AST: 24.8 (V)

The beginnings of the previous game

GSW: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Kevin Looney

Boss: Marcus Smart, Jaylen Brown, Jason Tatum, Al Horford and Robert Williams

Injury notifications and listings

GSW: Stephen Curry (ft) is TBD. James Wiseman (Right Knee Injury Management) is out. Team notes
Boss: no one. Team notes

Clay finds his groove
After scoring a combined 26 points in games 1 and 2, Klay Thompson scored 25 points Wednesday night in Game Three. The goalkeeper made five three-pointers on Wednesday, the fifth time he’s made five or more in an NBA Finals game, and the second most such game in NBA history.

But after the match, Thompson did not want to talk about his performance, but the team’s performance entered the fourth game on Friday.

“It didn’t go well enough because we lost,” Thompson said. “I would much rather have the score of Game 2 and my performance, no matter how many shots you take, how good you are. The only thing that really matters is the score of the match. Even though we let someone slip away, on Friday we have a nice opportunity to get out from the series and doing what we’re supposed to do, and that was getting one on the way.”

Third quarter surge
Once again, the most dominant quarter for the Warriors in the series was the end of the first half. By three games, the Warriors outperformed the Celtics by 43 points in the third quarter. On the offensive end, Dubs averaged 35.3 points in the third frame, while shooting 47.1 percent from the field and 54.1 percent from 3-point range. Defensively, the Warriors managed to keep the Celtics’ tally at just 21 points per game in the quarter, the lowest total of any quarter.

Team Leadership

GSW boss
Point: Curry (26.8) Point: Tatum (26.3)
REB: Looney (7.7) REB: Horford (9.3)
AST: green (6.1) AST: Tatum (6.2)

Boy Scout Report
Jaylen Brown (27), Jason Tatum (26) and Marcus Smart (24) collected 77 points in their third game win Wednesday night. Brown scored 17 of his points in the first quarter of the game, notching 6 of 9 field goals and assisting three to give the Celtics an 11-point lead in the second frame. Celtics quarterback Robert Williams III was the most influential of the series in Game 3, scoring top 10 rebounds, four blocks and three steals. Williams took 4 of 5 shots off the field and had a higher scoring difference for the team as well as 21. The Celtics scored 15 offensive rebounds in the playoffs in Game 3, with Williams, Brown, Al Horford and Grant Williams all collecting three offensive rebounds. .

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