CrossFit 2022 Semi Final Preview: CrossFit Atlas Games

CrossFit 2022 Semi Final Preview: CrossFit Atlas Games

Image source: Natalie Allport

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The fourth and final week of the semi-finals is here, and with it comes the fourth and final semi-finals in North America – the Atlas Games, in Montreal, Canada. Although considered a semi-final in North America, the majority of Canadian men, women and teams that made it to this stage of the season were ranked here.

  • The only Canadian man Not The contender here is Brent Wikowski.
  • Three Canadian women were in other Simes
  • Every Canadian team other than one has also been sent to Atlas (Unbeaten CrossFit Compete in Granite Games)

With nearly all top-ranked Canadian CrossFitters in the field, the question is: How many are eligible for games in each division?


When it comes to What did you forget? In the domain of men, look no further than the judgment of the second most fittest man on earth, Patrick Fellner. In form like these, it is consistent as far as it comes. In the four years of this sort of format with which he made the Games, his regional/semifinal finishes were third/second/first/first; And his games ended in those years 3/3/2/2. Expect Vellner to be the lead here, too.

Probably near his back Jeffrey Adler. He finished second to Vellner in the semifinals last year, and has a good chance of repeating that this year. Adler isn’t necessarily flashy, but it’s very effective in a semi-final format. He had four places in the top five out of six practice runs last year, and while he was fifty or so points behind Willner, he was also about 50 points ahead of the rest of the court.

Game predictions:

This year’s class this half is reserved for a couple Alex’s. Both Alexander Caron And the Alex Vinault It stands out against the rest of the field as the second most likely to qualify for the Games.

Caron had an impressive pair of second places last year: first he finished second in the last-chance qualifiers to win last place at the 2021 NOBULL CrossFIt Games. The LCQ fields are stacked, and regardless of drills, it’s very noticeable to take first and second places in that competition. . He eventually finished 24th at the Games and never made the 20th final, however, in the off-season Wodapalooza, he finished second (to Vellner) by beating dozens of athletes at the Games to do so.

Vigneault often seems to fly under the radar, but he’s been performing at a high level for so long and is a threat until we see him do otherwise. Vigneault finished 11th and ninth in the games in 2015 and 2016, then last year he finished eighth – the best finish of his career. He finished third at Simes last year, but for Vigneault, finishing in the semi-finals isn’t so important, he just needs to get to the games, and that’s where he really shines.

Bubble athletes:

While there are many athletes in this field who certainly stand a chance of securing a place in the games, there are once again outstanding players. Cédric Lapointe He finished last in the opening event of the West Coast Classic last year, racking up four wins in the top eight including winning the event and finishing eighth. He certainly has the talent to make it happen, but he can’t afford a mistake like this this year.

The other is a young man named Jack Farlow, which we introduced as part of our Small Guns piece this season. He has experience in the teen category from 2019 in gaming, and was in the 19th place last year in Atlas Games Online. This year, however, he finished 15th in North America in the quarter-finals. He’s part of this group along with names like Pepper, Sprague, Greashaber, and Magda, who seek to bring down some of the old guard on men in North America; This weekend will tell us a lot about whether or not it’s time for Farlow.

Dark Horse: Benoit Boulanger Coached by Caroline Lampray (Adler coach). He was at Wodapalooza this year in the elite brave men’s division. He did well, finishing 22nd overall with two notable performances. He’s young and certainly has a lot of room for improvement, but it’s not unprecedented for the Wodapalooza athletes to struggle (the best Griffin Roel and Kristen were 26th there before they finished seventh and eighth, respectively in the crown,); Don’t be surprised if Bolanger appears on the fringes of LCQ’s site all weekend.


There really isn’t any female mathematician to be considered in this female field what’s wrong for games. There are four women with gaming experience, however, none of them were noteworthy in their appearance.

  • Danny Horan She has the most qualifications in gaming with five times, most recently in 2018 where she placed 33; Its best positions were 18th in 2013 and 2014.
  • Caroline Prevost She made the Games twice, and was ranked 12th in 2019 – the best result of anyone on this list, but she came in a very strange year and only did six drills to earn that spot. Last year it ranked 27th in a more traditional form.
  • Caroline Conners He also reached the Games last year and ranked 33 after finishing fifth and final in the qualifiers from the Granite Games.
  • finally, Irene Vanendreich She qualified for the games in 2019 by winning the Italian Thowdown Championship, placing 50 that year and only doing two exercises.

gaming predictions Two young Canadians will be awarded this weekend in Montreal. Emma Lawson She is only 17 years old and has decided to forego her final year of teen eligibility in an effort to qualify as an individual this season. It seems like a good thing for her to do as she would have wished, because she is actually among the favorites to compete this weekend. She was invited to compete in Dubai last December where she took her place against a fairly experienced field and finished ninth in the overall standings.

Freya Mossbrugger He also managed to finish in the top ten in a high-profile off-season competition this year as he finished 10th in Wodapalooza. She had five times an eighth place finish or better en route to that finish and backed that up with a thirteenth place finish in the North American Quarter Finals.

Bubble athletes: This year may only be for last year’s pilot team leader Alison Scuds. All reports say she’s never been better off in training, and you can be sure she knows there’s plenty of opportunity for her this weekend. Some might not realize that she finished 9th in the West Coast Classic last year, if she’s fitter than that, against a less experienced field, there’s a really good chance she’ll be back in the games this year, only this time in the elite women’s field.

Dark Horse: Canadian, Mirakim CoveretHe has some gaming experience with teams, finished 17th in the world at the World Open (2017), and also finished 17th at the Regionals that year. We haven’t seen much of it in the last couple of years, but a 47th place finish in the quarter-finals isn’t too bad. The field is wide open, so if a veteran like Horan is in the mix, why not Covert too?


CrossFit Pro 1 Montreal at CrossFit 2022 Games | Image source: CrossFit LLC

There aren’t many teams in the field that are jumping off the page as we’ve seen the past three weeks in the North American semi-finals, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some talented teams here.

  • The most famous team is actually the fourth seed after the quarter-finals, and this Pro1 Montreal. However, this team finished fifth in the CrossFit Games but won’t return the same lineup: Chloe Goffin David and Frederic Dube will return. They will be joined this year by Maud Reubel and Tristan Leclerc. The Atlas Games will be our first chance to see if this team can replicate some of the great performances from last season when they had eight places to finish seventh in the Games.

There are two other notable Canadian teams near the top of the rankings here, CrossFit PSC And the CrossFit Le Repair Progfal.

  • The PSC features Nicholas Annapolski who appeared on the radar during this year’s championship when he finished 15th in the world. His wife Caitlin is also on this team, she was 67th in the quarterfinals last year, and 16th in the Atlas games online. Sean Clark and Erica Volo join the team, they aren’t necessarily the most famous team, but they definitely have some individual talent and they come in first.
  • Le Repere Progfal Stéphane Cossett and Felix-Antoine Lemay as male players. Cossette was 20th online at the Atlas Games last year and has some previous team experience, Lemay is primarily a team athlete and will bring a lot of experience to this group alongside Audrey-Ann Perry Dupuis, who has competed with him before. The other woman, Jessica Nadeau, has almost no experience competing, and her ability to keep up will be the deciding factor as to how well this team performs in Montreal.

There are also two US teams with a very strong athlete and experienced buildup, Crossfit Omnia Black And the CrossFit Milford Conquer Team.

  • Team Omnia selected dominated the Granite Games last year by beating the runner-up Move Fast Lift Heavy by nearly 100 points. However, they underperformed at the Games as they finished 16th, finishing only three times in the top 10, and were cut short before their last two runs.
  • Team Milford is a name that’s been in the affiliate game for a long time, even finishing second in 2015 to the original Mayhem Freedom team. With all the changes in the team scene over the past several years, the last time they played at the Games was in 2017 when they finished seventh. This is a slightly different list, but a solid one. Tony Facchini, Devin O’Neil, Emma Ferreira and Christine Middleton all have collegiate experience in recent years. Although the quarter-final standings weren’t quite as good as some of the other teams in this preview, expect them to top that ranking in the semi-finals.
Atlas for men Atlas for women Atlas teams
1 Patrick Fellner 1 Freya Mossbrugger 1 Crossfit Omnia Black
2 Jeffrey Adler 2 Emma Lawson 2 CrossFit Milford Conquer
3 Alexander Karon 3 Caroline Prevost 3 CrossFit Pro 1 Montreal
4 Alex Vinault 4 Caroline Conners 4 CrossFit PSC
5 Cédric Lapointe 5 Alison Scuds 5 CrossFit Le Repair Progfal
CrossFit Atlas 2022 Predictions | Brian Friend

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