Mrs. Marvel Premiere Scene Explained Medium credit

Mrs. Marvel Premiere Scene Explained Medium credit

This post contains spoilers for Mrs. Marvell. If you’re looking to stay spoiler-free, check out our site Ms. Marvel premiere review.

Ms. Marvel is finally here, and our favorite fan Kamala Khan is ready to break into the world. This is after she finished her homework. Kamala is an ordinary teenage girl with ordinary teenage problems – she’s likable but misunderstood by her family, she’s got her head in the clouds, and is expected to know what she wants to do her whole life when she’s in her junior year of high school. Of course, these problems become a little more complicated after she ditched her grandmother’s bracelet in the Captain Marvel costume contest and suddenly found herself with cosmic power.

While the Avengers Con attendees seem relatively unmoved by the fact that the superpowers wreaked havoc on the convention stages and filming parties, Kamala’s newfound powers an act He succeeded in drawing the attention of a currently-unidentified government agency after accessing the video of the events of the conference. Let’s talk about Ms. Marvel’s mid-credits scene.

Who was that in the mid-credits scene?

meet b. Cleary (Arian Moayad). You probably recognize him from Spider-Man: No Way Home, where he was one of the few spirits silly enough to try to insult Aunt Mae (Marissa Tomei).

Given that he tried to accuse Aunt May of child endangerment, and did his best to trick MJ (Zendaya) and Ned (Jacob Batalon) — well, he kind of worked with Ned — we already know he’s a little bad. Fellow Sadie Dever (Alicia Rayner) is making her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe here at Mrs. Marvel, but we don’t expect she’ll be any more fun to deal with.

The two partners are both agents of the United States Department of Damage Control (also known as “damage control” or DODC).

What is the harm?

Damage Control started out as a subsidiary of SHIELD (someone has to clean up after these Avengers). After the Chitauri invasion, damage control shifted from SHIELD to reporting under the executive branch of the United States government. They’ve also partnered with Stark Industries in the past, working to bring together powerful aerospace technology. Oh yeah, and that partnership with Stark Industries Adrian Toomes lost his job, which means they’re primarily responsible for the origin of Vulture. Now though? Now they are a federal agency focused on arresting “reinforced” individuals and seizing alien artifacts.

You’ve seen them at multiple points throughout MCU history, starting with Iron Man (they cleaned Iron Monger off the camera while Coulson and Pepper prepared Tony for his press conference), all at SHIELD’s Agents, and in the aforementioned Spider-Man: Showdown is inevitable.

Who is the villain in Mrs. Marvel?

Given what we know about the series so far, it seems unlikely that Damage Control will serve as the main chip for Ms. Marvel throughout the series. No doubt the federal agency would cause a whole bunch of trouble for Kamala, but it’s an odd choice for the “big bad.”

As for the true Ms. Marvel villain, there are plenty of options! The more obvious choices are The Inventor, the first Lady Marvel villain in the comics and a human-bird hybrid (it’s complicated), or Kamran, Kamala’s first crush who ends up possessing secret inhuman abilities. We haven’t seen her get hurt by anyone yet, but given the slow pace of the series and the number of cast members without specific roles yet, there’s still plenty of time. Kamala also happens to be one of the few Marvel characters who doesn’t have any kind of archenemy, so there’s a chance this will be less of a sweeping series villain scenario and we’ll see something a little closer to a flavor of the Weekend genre.

However, it doesn’t look like damage control will be a fun part of Ms. Marvel’s life at any point during the series. The character’s MCU version may not be inhuman, but her grandmother’s bracelet definitely seems to fit the “strange gadget” part of Damage Control’s job description.

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