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Match schedule, how to watch, tournament format

Finally, the IIHF Women’s U-18 World Ice Hockey Championship – last held in 2020 – was played again this week. Madison, Wisconsin, is hosting this year’s tournament from June 6-13, with games at the University of Wisconsin’s LaBahn Arena and Bob Suter’s Capitol Ice Arena.

See below for a full game schedule and details of the tournament format, as well as some quick facts about this year’s Women’s Under-18 World Championship.

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How to watch the 2022 FIFA U-18 Women’s World Hockey Championship

The last time this tournament was held in 2020, viewers watched it at home via a doorbell-style camera broadcast.

Over two years later, your viewing experience has received a major upgrade. For the first time ever, the tournament will receive live television coverage in the United States.

All US games will be broadcast on the NHL network, either live or on a delayed tape. If game registration is delayed, ESPN+ will provide live coverage in the US

ESPN+ will also broadcast “other select games at the LaBahn Arena,” according to a USA Hockey press release. In addition, will broadcast all games, although some have been blocked due to broadcast rights.

The USA Hockey website includes a column that explains how (and where) to watch each USA Hockey game.

2022 Women’s World Hockey League U-18 schedule

Matches of the FIFA U-18 Women’s World Championships today, Monday, June 6:

  • 5 PM ET – Group B – Slovakia vs. Czech Republic
  • 5pm ET – Group A – Canada vs Finland
  • 9pm ET – Group B – Switzerland vs Germany
  • 9pm ET – Group A – Sweden vs USA

Tuesday 7 June:

  • 5pm ET – Group B – Czech Republic vs Germany
  • 5pm ET – Group A – Canada vs Sweden
  • 9pm ET – Group B – Switzerland vs Slovakia
  • 9pm ET – Group A – USA vs Finland

Thursday 9 June:

  • 5pm ET – Group B – Czech Republic vs Switzerland
  • 5pm ET – Group A – Finland vs Sweden
  • 9pm ET – Group B – Germany vs Slovakia
  • 9pm ET – Group A – USA v Canada

Friday 10 June:

  • 5 p.m. ET – Landing Game #1 (best of three series)
  • 5pm ET – Quarterfinals #1
  • 9PM ET – Quarterfinals #2

Sunday 12 June:

  • 3:30 PM ET – Semifinals #1
  • 3:30 PM ET – Regulation Game #2 (Best of Three Series)
  • 7:30 PM ET – Semifinals #2
  • 7:30 PM ET – Fifth Place Match

Monday 13th June:

  • 3:30 PM ET – Regulation Game #3 (If Needed – Top Three Series)
  • 4:30 PM ET – Bronze Medal Match
  • 8:30 PM ET – Gold Medal Match

Women’s Hockey World U-18 Championship Coordination

Just like women’s hockey at the Olympics and the Senior World Championships, the U-18 Women’s World Championships uses heavy-duty pools, with the top four teams competing in Group A.

  • Group A: United States, Canada, Finland, Sweden
  • group b: Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia

At the end of team play:

  • The two best teams in Group A will bid farewell to the semi-finals
  • Two bottom teams from Group A and two teams from Group B will play in the quarter-finals
  • The two remaining teams in Group B will play the top three of the relegation series. The losing team will be demoted to League One, Division One

Additional tournament format details, including overtime and penalty shootout rules, can be found on the IIHF website.

Revitalization: How was the 2022 FIFA U-18 Women’s World Championships held in Madison?

The IIHF Women’s Under-18 World Ice Hockey Championship was last played in January 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic began.

In 2021, the Women’s Under-18 World Championship was the only event from the IIHF World Championships to be cancelled. This year’s tournament was initially scheduled to take place in Sweden in January, but on December 24, 2021, the International Football Association (IIHF) announced that it was canceling the tournament due to a spike in omicron cases.

After an uproar from the women’s hockey community and questions about why the tournament was being canceled – rather than postponed – USA Hockey announced in March that it would bid to host the event.

“We were able to step into the void and capture that event and make sure it happened,” USA Hockey CEO Pat Keeler He said in March. “The U-18 World Championships is very important to the girls game, the women’s game, and in general to the sport of hockey around the world – and specifically here in the United States [with all] The programs we run.

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