Weekly love horoscope for each zodiac sign from June 6 to June 13, 2022

Next week looks deceptively quiet with very few major influencing factors. However, the topic of least is the most trending this week.

For the first time in months, the universe is giving you a lull so you can reflect on recent events.

From June 6-8, 2022, there will be no planetary motion other than the first quarter moon in Virgo.

When the sky is calm this way, it gives you time to really sit in stillness so you can get a feel for the direction you want to move and even the choices you need to make.

The First Quarter Moon represents decisions, so during this quiet time, it’s still quite active because you’ll be instructed to start choosing the path you want to follow or invest more time in.

Therefore, even very early in the week, something fruitful will come out of it.

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This is amplified by Mercury gone straight. So far, any restrictions and limitations that I previously felt have been lifted. You can make plans with your partner or even feel that dating gets easier this week.

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