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PLAY #15 is now available online and on newsstands, and is sure to cause sage-like nods of approval and head shakes. For the cover, we rate the 100 best PlayStation games of all time. The best PlayStation games from PS1 to PS5 are all out there. We think you’ll agree that it’s a great list that celebrates some PlayStation legends, but it’s also pretty hard to fit just 100 games. Subscribers get one of the four best limited-edition special covers games.

Read on to find out more about the slate (and what went on in the top ten list), but there’s plenty of new releases crammed in, from a deep dive into F1 2022, a look at Saints Row’s phenomenal customizability, and even a retrospective of an eye game. Subscribe to PLAY magazine here to save on cover price, get exclusive covers, and have them delivered to your door or device every month.

Top 100 Playstation Picks – The Rules

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PlayStation has been in operation since 1994, when the original Gray Chest of Joy was launched. At that time there was nothing like it. The 3D polygon games they introduced were revolutionary in a way that they haven’t been able to make the leap of a generation.

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