2022 WWE Hell in a Cell Results, Scores: Cody Rhodes overcomes gruesome pectoral tear to defeat Seth Rollins

2022 WWE Hell in a Cell Results, Scores: Cody Rhodes overcomes gruesome pectoral tear to defeat Seth Rollins

Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins transformed into a Hell in a Cell match to remember at the WWE Honorary Event. Rhodes vs Rollins 3 topped off a strong, rhythmic night of sports entertainment at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

The rivalry between Rhodes and Rollins has continued since Rhodes jumped out of AEW and returned to WWE at WrestleMania 38 in April. The two stars gave a bold and thought-provoking performance of what might be the latest entry in this pocket of rivalry between them. Rhodes suffered a complete thoracic tear shortly before the event. The visuals were disturbing as Rhodes’ chest and biceps turned a deep purple. Rhodes jumped and beat the pain to claim his third straight win over Rollins.

Rhodes and Rollins closed Hell in a Cell with a heist, but the credit also goes to three women who opened the show. Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair persevered in an action-packed triple threat with Becky Lynch and Asuka. The champ was on the verge of losing her championship over and over again, but she beat Lynch in the end.

CBS Sports has been with you throughout the event, providing updates and highlights as the event begins in the live blog below.

2022 WWE Hell in a Cell results, scores

Women’s Raw Championship – Bianca Belair (c) vs. Becky Lynch vs. Asuka: Bellaire was constantly at risk of losing her championship. She was clearly more present at the match. Asuka and Lynch responded with quick exchanges and opportunistic pinning attempts to try and wiggle the title away from the EST of WWE. Lynch nearly won the title after landing a guillotine leg on Bellaire from the middle rope. The “man” continued to push the competition, punishing Beller by dropping his leg from the top of the rope. The Empress of Tomorrow finally found its groove, landing near Lynch after a series of lightning strikes. Belair’s bunker nearly pinned Asuka and Lynch at the same time. The trio harassed the Tower of Death, but Belair bounced off the ropes and was eaten by the token breaker by Asuka, who also delivered one to Lynch. Asuka struck both women with a brilliant magician and locked a double ankle lock on her opponents. The Man Handle Slam seemed to banish Belair forever but Asuka saved the situation. The less experienced Beller shut down the show by using Lynch’s tactic against her. Lynch implants Asuka with a man’s handle just to throw Belair her opponent out of the ring. The hero pinned unarmed Asuka to retain her title. A great way to start the evening. Fast-paced movement, smooth and creative attack. Everyone gave a lot. Bianca Belair def. Asuka and Becky Lynch via pinning to retain the Raw Women’s Championship. Grade: A

Bobby Lashley vs. Umos and MVP (handicap match): Omos attempts to lure Lashley into a strength-to-strength battle. The veteran relied on his MMA background and an amazing advantage against his bigger opponent. The MVP only tagged himself when Lashley was on the alert and was quick to flee any time Lashley was building momentum. Over and over again, Omos put out any fire that Lashley started. Outside the ring, Omos built a steam head and swept Lashley through the barrier. “Al Qadeer” barely beat the referee’s 10 count only for the best player of the match. Cedric Alexander – who was fired by the MVP earlier in the evening after offering to help his former boss at Hurt Business – interfered with the match. Alexander distracted Omos long enough for Lashley to overthrow his giant opponent with a spear. He applied Hurt Lock to the MVP to force the tap. After the match, Lashley snatched a replica of the WWE Fan Championship and declared himself the champion. A strong effort by everyone involved. Lashley defeated. MVP and Omos via submission. B-grade

Ezekiel vs. Kevin Owens: Ezekiel nearly shocked the world, as he pleaded Owens with a flying knee and landed at the top of the elbow rope for a close count. Owens regained control of the outside and opened Ezekiel along the front. Owens showed off his impressive athletic ability, landing on a picture-perfect podium. Owens’ obsession with Ezekiel’s identity distracted him, allowing Elias’s brother to punish him with large spots in the corners and spine trauma. Ezekiel landed with a second knee that flew Owens for another close fall. A piercing kick, a corner cannonball and a stunner that ensured victory for the evil Canadian. A super fun middle game that gets the ball rolling in this unexpected hitter feud. Dave Owens. Ezekiel via installation. B degree

AJ Styles, Finn Balor, and Liv Morgan vs. Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley): The two teams squabbled to start things off with a hodgepodge of good guys taking control. Styles propelled Morgan through the air to land a neat hurricane on Ripley. Doomsday punished Morgan and Balor early, distracting their opponents to gain the upper hand any time momentum waned. Pele Kick by Balor finally gave him the opening to make a tag. The crowd, after witnessing Balor receive a long defeat by Edge and a priest, spring to life when Styles is marked. “The Phenomenal One” rocked his signature hit and blasted him at Edge and Priest while Morgan knocked out Ripley. Styles finally scored an edge with the Phenomenal Forearm, a move he hasn’t been able to land on his opponent since pre-WrestleMania 38 in April. The priest saved his team by interrupting the installation. Former teammates Morgan and Ripley are tagged next. Morgan’s speed exceeded Ripley’s strength again and again until Ripley changed the rhythm with a disgusting suplex. The match escalated into another six-person brawl that ended with Balor, Morgan, and Styles diving into their overseas opponents. Balor thrusts Edge’s spear and has it plot an end to the fight in De Gras’s Coup. Ripley stood between Balor and Edge long enough for the Doomsday Leader to crush Balor with a spear for victory. A solid match without too many complaints. Judgment Day (Edge, Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley) defeated. Finn Balor, AJ Styles, and Liv Morgan via installation. B degree

Madcap Moss vs. Happy Corbin (No Limited Match): There was no love lost between these friends who turned into enemies. The work immediately spread abroad. Corbin lay Moss strangledly on the arena. Corbin stirred the Chicago crowd when he repeatedly hit Moss on a steel chair. Corbin carved Moss into the back of the chair’s neck, taking advantage of Moss’ neck injury in the Moss story line. Corbin took a new chair, and dug it into Moss’ throat. This drew chants of “asshole” from the audience. Moss got off the road when Corbin’s speedy head-first hit a chair in the corner. Fans broke out chanting “We want tables,” but Moss settled into a chair. Moss earned his fortune through frequent chair shots to Corbin’s back and torso. The use of DDT for the steel chair nearly ensured Moss’ victory. Ringside Corbin wrapped a chair around Moss’ neck and threw it onto the announcer’s table. The end of days seemed to be near for Moss as Corbin grabbed the steel steps and pulled them into the corner. Moss took advantage of the calm and picked up Corbin and threw him down the stairs with a heavy blow. Moss age the ultimate revenge on Corbin. He wrapped a chair around Corbin’s neck, dropped the steps on the chair and hung his defenseless opponent. A fun brawl that showed Moss’ evil side even though the feud was less exciting. Madcap Moss Def. Happy Corbin via installation. B-grade

US Championship – Theory (C) vs. Mustafa Ali: The Chicago crowd was behind their hometown hero Ali. The theory is that Vince McMahon is the youngest American champion in WWE history. Ali is an underappreciated star who has been put on the bench for months while loudly calling for his release from WWE. Ali beat the theory early in the game. When Theory finally took control of the strikes and the attack, the audience booed him loudly. Both men showed off their sport. Ali bounced off the top rope and hit a super kick on an airborne theory. The hero jumped and landed on the launch pad of Spanish Fly. The hometown hero also unleashed a gentle cyclone DDT. The crowd came back to life when Ali tackled the Theory terminator, locking up an STF that the champ nearly clicked on. Ali’s DDT tilt raised the stakes and an attempt to spray the 450 sent the crowd to its feet. Theory evaded the air attack and eventually landed to score a clean victory over the Challenger. Both competitors looked in the ring. The realistic contrast between Theory and Ali, as well as the investment of fans raise the bar for the match. A great move to get the arrogant villain to defeat the hometown champion, but it’s hard to shake off the feeling that WWE won’t really stick with Ali. def theory. Mustafa Ali via installation to retain the American Championship. Grade: B +

Cody Rhodes vs. Seth Rollins (Hell in a Cell Match): Full credit to Rollins for making the heels awesome. Rollins entered the ring wearing polka dots to mock “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Cody’s father. Rhodes took off his jacket to reveal terrible bruising to his right chest and biceps. Rhodes suffered a legitimate complete thoracic tear prior to the event. Rhodes wasn’t shy about attacking, landing Cody Cutter early in the match. Rollins certainly wasn’t ashamed of the injury, as he drilled a kendo stick into the injured muscle before slapping him with it. Rhodes refused to compensate for the injury, and fell on a clothesline with his injured half. Rollins physically and psychologically tortured his opponent. Rollins wore a Rhodes jacket, grabbed his opponent’s weight belt and repeatedly lashed out over the legitimate injury. Rollins pulled a table into the ring as the crowd erupted in chants of “Thank you Rollins!” Rollins controlled the ropes well in hopes of landing a frog-machine gun on Rhodes across the table. “American Nightmare” flew away as Rollins fell into loot.

Rhodes pulled the bull rope into the bout, causing Rollins to grab himself. Back in terms of Dusty era, Rhodes and Rollins abuse each other with rope and bell while they are both tied up. Pain was surging through his body, but it wasn’t enough to keep Rollins away. Rollins then tossed Rhodes through the table using a powerbomb but Rhodes was able to knock him off his injured side. The sheer rigor drew chants of “That’s great!” From the Chicago crowd. Rhodes nearly defeated Rollins with The Pedgerry, a Triple H move awarded by Rollins. Rollins swings the pendulum again in Rollins’ favour. Even louder “that’s cool” cheers from the audience. Rollins crosses Rhodes landed on the fan favorite only to return Rhodes to shooting with the same action. Rhodes kicked a sledgehammer out of Rollins’ hands, fell twice in a row from Cross Rhodes and beat him with a sledgehammer to win the match.

What a great match. Any tribute to Dusty Rhodes is a treat. Polka dots and bull rope were a welcome addition to the match. Multiple Cross Rhodes soften the look of Rhodes, but we’re splitting the hair keeping in mind how cool everything else is. Rhodes and Rollins got a pass in the hall to make things easier with Rhodes seriously injured. Instead, they worked on a legitimate issue in the match’s story. It may not be recommended and uncomfortable but it does make you feel. Professional wrestling is at its best when it makes you feel. Cody Rhodes Def. Seth Rollins via installation. Grade: A +

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