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Game one of the 2022 NBA Finals was a wild game that saw the Golden State Warriors advance in the third quarter only for the Boston Celtics to return in the fourth quarter to steal the game and advance 1-0 in a best of seven series. Al Horford led the way for Boston in Game 1 as the veteran big man dropped 26 points and six three-pointers while Jaylen Brown added 24 points, seven rebounds and five assists. Jayson Tatum didn’t have his best when it came to shooting, he was only 3 of 17 from the ground, but he did a great job preparing his teammates as he finished winning with 13 assists.

In Game 2, the Celtics will be looking for the momentum they built during the last 12 minutes of Game One, while the Warriors will look to turn back and hook the series before making their way to Boston for two straight games. With that said, here’s everything you need to know about Game 2 between Boston and Golden State plus anti-spread and live picks from CBS Sports NBA experts.

How to watch Game 2 live

  • Game: The NBA Finals, Game 2
  • Date: Sunday, June 5 | time: 8 p.m. Eastern time
  • SiteChase Center – San Francisco, California
  • Television: ABC | Live broadcast: fuboTV (Get access now)
  • Prospect: Boss +160; p -190; O/U 215.5 (via Caesars Sportsbook)

Featured game | Golden State Warriors vs Boston Celtics

Celtics vs. Game

Bill Reiter: Draymond Green was right: The Warriors already dominated the first 40 minutes of Game One, and they will extend that feat to a full 48 minutes on Sunday, aided by some offensive output from guys like Jordan Poole, some Stephen Curry and the Celtics champions team that will bring his team back. Booster to average. Are Alhorford and Derek White cute players? yes. Can you count on them for a total of 47 points in 15 of the 23 repayments? No, this series is not over yet, and it will be clear after the end of the second game. Choose: Warriors-4 | Warriors 123, Celtics 111

Brad Botkin: We can sit around how the Boston bowlers are back on the floor, which may be true, but will Stephen Curry hit six times in the quarter again? Will Jason Tatum go 3 for 17 again? I don’t believe in this idea that games are played by computers that are designed to fulfill some theoretical law on average. More than 82 games? Fine. More than two games, one unrelated to the other. The Celtics will make life hell in the Golden State, and vice versa, as they did with each other in Game 1 because they are so identical. I think the Celtics are a little better. I chose them in the series. In this match, I will go with the desperate team. This is a must for warriors. They went 0-2 down, it’s over. I don’t think this will happen. But it will be close. Celtics pips straight warriors. Pick: Celtics +4 | Warriors 111, Celtics 108

James Herbert: What’s the messiest choice I can make? Another Celtics win, but this time it’s about the last seconds? Let’s go with that. In all seriousness, even if the Warriors impose more coups (the Gary Payton II minutes will help there) and avoid another unprecedented drought, I worry about them not being able to find a lineup that balances spacing and defense over the distance. I hope this sounds stupid later; I want (and expected) seven matches. Pick: Celtics +4 | Celtics 113, Warriors 111

Sam Quinn: Let me be the millionth person to say that Boston will probably never do this photo again. Yeah, yeah, I know, we do that dance, like, twice per round…but the Celtics tend to hold back after the big shooting nights. They have five games in this post-season shooting at least 40 percent of 3, and none of them have come in a row. Most urgently, I would expect a more careless offensive performance from Boston if Gary Payton plays second. The Celtics averaged about 15 turns per game in the Miami Series. They only had 12 against Golden State in the first game. Boston should be a favorite now in the series, but I’m giving preference to Golden State to tie things up in Game 2. Choose: Warriors-4 | Warriors 109, Celtics 102

Michael Caskey Blumen: It seems unlikely that the Celtics will get the same kind of performance they got in Game One from players like Derek White, Al Horford and Peyton Pritchard in Game Two. Series matches at home knowing how difficult it can be to come out of a 2-0 hole against a good team like the Celtics. Look for the Golden State to appear center, just like they did in Game 1, but to keep it for the duration of the competition this time. If they can maintain focus for the full 48 minutes, the series should head to Boston and draw 1-1. Choose: Warriors-4 | Warriors 111, Celtics 104

Jasmine Wembish: The Celtics had a career night from Al Horford on their way to hand the Warriors their first home loss of the season. Golden State went with the game plan to try to shut down Jayson Tatum and let anyone else beat them up. Part one worked – if you don’t look at Tatum’s 13 passes – but part two definitely didn’t go according to plan. Nor does it help when Jordan Paul, Clay Thompson, and Draymond Green are having uncharacteristic nights. The Warriors know this is a game to win, so I think they play that important and head to Boston with a 1-1 draw. Choose: Warriors-4 | Warriors 115; 110

Jack Maloney: The Celtics surprised nearly everyone (besides Brad and James) by returning from a 15-point deficit to steal Game 1 and the home court advantage. This puts a lot of pressure on the warriors in Game 2; They cannot lose both games in the Gulf and return to Boston with a score of 2-0. They will be the most desperate team and get the job done this time. Choose: Warriors-4 | 115 – Abdul Majeed

Collin Ward Henninger: It doesn’t take a basketball genius to realize how important this game is to the Warriors, but it’s not as simple as coming up with the right energy and focus. Boston discovered a few things in the last quarter of the first game that go beyond hot fire, and it will be up to the warriors to make the adjustments. However, I expect the Golden State support staff to be a little more help for Steph Curry – Klay Thompson tends to play well in must-win games, as we all know, and Draymond Green couldn’t play any worse than he did on Thursday . I may be resigned to some homerism, but I would still choose warriors in this–perhaps against my best judgment. I think the result will be less than the first game because the defenses will know what to look for. Choose: Warriors-4 | Warriors 105, Celtics 99

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