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Angels losing streak hits 10 as Mike Trout continues his worst drought – Press Telegram

Philadelphia – On the day the Angels’ losing streak hit double digits, Joe Maddon was asked another version of the same question he’s been asked almost every day this week.

At what point does he need to hold a meeting or somehow express his anger over what happened?

“Who should I be angry with?” Maddon said after the Angels lost 7-2 to the Philadelphia Phillies on Saturday night. “They bust their butts. We play hard. Their prep work is great. There are a lot of good things we do, except that we don’t win. And so for me, you have to read the situation right.”

“It’s not a lack of effort, and that’s the cause of the great annoyance. It’s not a lack of work, which would be another great cause for concern. It’s just that we don’t hit. And that’s it. So everyone wants to show (Vince) Lombardi. But for Lee, read the situation properly and work with your comrades until we come out the other side. Nothing we’ve done is worth taking punitive measures.”

Angels (27-27) fell back to 0.500 for the first time since they were 4-4. They have lost 14 of their last 17 matches.

The Angels’ longest defeat streak since they lost 11 in a row in August 2016 was a team effort, with attack and pitching failures. Angels has had 6.99 ERA and .617 OPS over the last 10 games.

Mike Trout also continued his unprecedented slump, racking up three while going through a drought to his 23rd consecutive worst career at bat. He hit nine times in that period. His previous worst was 0 for 21 in May 2018.

During his 10-game losing streak, Trout hit .103 with a .372 OPS. He has four hits, three of which were in one match.

“I’m in it now,” Trott said. “I’ve got to think of a way out of it…just search a lot for now. I’ll be fine. Stay positive. Look at last night, he could have had two hits, just got robbed (at two dive stops). Just gotta start. better see the ball.

The trout is just one of those frozen angel batsmen, the team’s bats nearly silent on this flight. In fact, running was their most productive game in the five games in New York and Philadelphia.

Given the way they were hitting, they definitely couldn’t bear to be put into a five-stroke hole right away.

Michael Lorenzen was excited when he took the ball, desperately wanted to be the bowler who led the way to victory, and it cost him.

“I wanted to turn it around in the players’ favor and I was going really, really fast,” Lorenzen said. “Once I slowed down, and I trusted my stuff, I was actually finishing pitches and not flying in the air, it didn’t look like I was there and closing in the ninth inning. I looked like a starter. I just made an adjustment and it worked but it was too late.”

Lorenzen made it through 5-2/3 runs, not letting him run into the first half, but he already gave up five in a nightmare first that included four walks and a few poorly positioned pitches that Velez hit.

“This is a start from which I will learn,” Lorenzen said. “I will make the difference for the rest of my career.”

He learned his lesson too late to help the angels achieve victory.

Next, he echoed Madon’s feelings about the team’s mental state.

“Man, that’s not fun, but everyone shows up and works and does their jobs when it comes to getting ready,” Lorenzen said. “Play this game long enough, you can only control so much, but it’s obviously not pretty. I think we’re going to turn the corner. We’ll forget about this. By the time it’s mid-season and the end of the season, I think we’ll all forget about it.”

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