Angels beat late lead, extend losing streak to 11 games - Orange County record

Angels beat late lead, extend losing streak to 11 games – Orange County record

PHILADELPHIA – Every time angels seem to hit rock bottom, they dig a little deeper.

The Angels’ losing streak reached 11 games with a agonizing 9-7 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies on Sunday afternoon, a game in which they blew their lead by four runs in the eighth inning and a lead in the ninth.

“It’s tough,” said Director Joe Maddon. “We lost a lot of hard stuff. It really doesn’t make sense. We got the right guys at the right time. Again, we gave it up late. We have to fix that. I love fighting all day. But we have to finish these matches.”

The Angels had a lead in the eighth inning or later in five of the eleven losses, but none of the blown strands were as overwhelming as this.

They advanced 6-2 in eighth place. That vanished when a throwing foul allowed third base captain Matt Duffy to extend the inning long enough for Raisel Iglesias to make a 3 and 2 change over center to Bryce Harper, who hoisted it over the match’s right fence for a two-legged match. Grand Slam rankings.

Then Duffy made up for his mistake by knocking out the contender’s RBI double at the top of the ninth spot, sending the Angels back again.

At the bottom of the inning, Iglesias gave up two singles and Madon then pulled him out in favor of Jimmy Herget, with one exit. Curve ball 3 and 2 from Herget ended up with Bryson Stott #9 in the correct field benches for three runs.

“It was the stadium I was convinced of, a show I did all year, and he was hitting the guys in it,” Herget said. “I threw it. He hit her. It’s a pity that I let the team down, but at the end of the day we have one tomorrow.”

The Bulls were the primary culprit, but everything went wrong for the Angels during this losing streak, which equated to the second longest streak in franchise history. They also lost 11 in a row in August 2016.

He even became infected with Mike Trout, who drowned in the worst drought of zero for 26.

The Angels went from 10 games over 0.500 to one game under 0.500 during this nightmare half week.

Duffy said they have already had two meetings, one led by coaches and one led by players, in an effort to overcome this stagnation.

“We’re past meetings at this point,” Duffy said. “We’re all professionals here. We all know what we’re supposed to do to win ball games. It’s really hard. I think it brings us to a certain point where you have a meeting, but if you have a meeting and it doesn’t change things, it’s like you can only hold a lot of meetings.

“I think we’re all adults. It’s not like we’re talking to you. It’s just like, ‘Guys, let’s focus on what we can control and not try to do too much. It’s just a hard stretch. I don’t really have any answers.'”

Losses mostly fell into two categories: games whose starter was so bad that they fell so late early on, and games they got stuck on losing so late.

This game featured something new, as the Angels jumped to a big lead early on. They scored five runs in the fourth game, which they certainly hoped would lead to an easy win.

They were still leading 6-2 when Aaron Loeb took the hill at the bottom of eighth, when everything started to fall apart.

Loeb allowed one blob song for Odubel Herrera. Then Johan Camargo hit a regular goalkeeper to Davi, whose throw was to second on the right field.

“I’m just trying to be really fast,” Duffy said. “Trying to turn double play on a ball was not a double play ball.”

Later, Loup walked over to Kyle Schwarber to load the bases.

Then he summoned Madon Iglesias, who had not descended in nine days because the angels had no leads in the ninth inning to protect them. Iglesias hit Reese Hoskins.

He then threw a pitch just over the middle to Harper, who shot it. This was Homer’s third for Harper in six of his football career against Iglesias, and none since Iglesias was with the Cincinnati Reds in 2018.

Madonne said Iglesias just needed to throw it anywhere Harper couldn’t hit it. Even walking with loaded bases would have been acceptable, because the angels had four runs.

“Just a bad spot,” Madon said.

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