When was the last perfect MLB game?  A Look at Perfectos' History - NBC Chicago

When was the last perfect MLB game? A Look at Perfectos’ History – NBC Chicago

When was the last perfect MLB match? A look at the history of Perfection originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Two New York Yankees bowlers came close to perfection this week.

Jameson Tellon retired the first 21 hitters the Los Angeles Angels faced Thursday night. But Jared Walsh ended the previous No. 2 overall pick in history when he advanced in the eighth game with Double the middle Which Isiah Kiner-Falefa could not come up with.

The next night, ace Gerrit Cole almost matched Taillon’s achievement. Cole sat on the first 20 Detroit Tigers he faced against Jonathan Scope in the middle DJ LeMahieu crossed the dive with two outs on the seventh.

The Yankees became the first team in the expansion era (since 1961) to carry a perfect past the sixth inning in consecutive games. But, even though they made some history, Cole and Tylon failed to end a nearly decade-long drought in Major League Baseball…

When was the last perfect game in MLB?

King Felix’s last game was in 2019, but he still has the latest perfect MLB game. On August 15, 2012, Felix Hernandez threw a brilliant throw against the Tampa Bay Rays. The 2010 AL Cy Young Award winner scored 12 goals, including the last hit, to score the first perfect game in Seattle Mariners history.

Hernandez’s outing was actually the last three perfect games of the 2012 season. Matt Kane of the San Francisco Giants (vs Houston on June 13) and Philip Humber of the Chicago White Sox (vs Seattle on April 21) also threw the perfect that season. Hernandez, Kane and Humber combined for the best games of all time in the same season, surpassing the previous record of two.

How many perfect games are there in MLB history?

There were 23 perfect matches in MLB history, with the first two games only days apart in 1880 courtesy of Lee Richmond and John Ward. 21 perfect games have occurred in the modern era (since 1900) and 17 that have emerged in the past 60 years.

For context, the Angels Rookie Reid Detmers not hitting last month were 316th in MLB history, which shows how difficult it is to achieve perfection for a bowler.

The MLB is currently in the midst of one of the longest ideal droughts in the modern era. There have only been three times during that time where at least nine years have passed without that happening.

Has an MLB bowler ever thrown two perfect matches?

The 23 perfect MLB games were thrown by 23 different shooters, which means that no player has scored more than one game and there has never been a common perfect game.

The Yankees and White Sox are associated with the most perfect games with three games each. Meanwhile, the Rays, who were founded in 1998, and the Dodgers have been on the wrong side of a perfect game three times, more than any other team.

Here’s a look at all the perfect games in MLB history:

Felix Hernandez, Mariners: 2012: vs. rice

Matt Cain, Giants: 2012 vs Astros

Philip Humber, White Sox: 2012 vs Mariners

Roy Halladay, Phyllis: 2010 vs Marlins

Dallas Braden, A: 2010 vs. Rize

Mark Burley, White Sox: 2009 vs. Rize

Randy Johnson, Diamondbacks: 2004 vs Braves

David Kohn, Yankees: 1999 in front of the Montreal fair

David Wells, Yankees: 1998 vs. the twins

Kenny Rogers, Rangers: 1994 vs angels

Denis Martinez, Montreal Gallery: 1991 vs Dodgers

Tom Browning, Reds: 1988 against the dodgers

Mike Witt, Angels: 1984 vs Rangers

Lynn Baker, Cleveland: 1981 vs Blue Jays

Catfish fisherman, A: 1968 against the twins

Sandy Kovacs, Dodgers: 1965 against the cubs

Jim Banning, Phyllis: 1964 vs Mets

Don Larsen, Yankees: 1956 World Championship vs Dodgers

Charlie Robertston, White Sox: 1922 against the tigers

Addie Goss, Cleveland: 1908 vs White Sox

Cy Young, Boston: 1904 vs.

John Ward, Providence Grays: 1880 vs. Buffalo Bison

Lee Richmond, Worcester Robbie Sommelier: 1880 vs. Cleveland Blues

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