Minor Orioles 6/4 League Summary: Affiliate Division Single Play Games

Minor Orioles 6/4 League Summary: Affiliate Division Single Play Games

Triple A: Norfolk Tides 9, Jacksonville (Marlins) 8

The Tide Attack bet an 8-0 lead in the first three rounds of the game, which was heavily fueled by Rylan Bannon (5th of the AAA season) and DJ Stewart. Then, newly ex-Oriole Logan Allen set out to show why no other team was asking him for waivers when the Orioles passed him, after a three-run start by Blaine Knight with a disastrous relief outing. Allen somehow allowed seven runs on eight strokes and allowed Jacksonville to get back into the game.

When I write about Norfolk, I hope this is the game where I can say something good about defensive player Kyle Storrs. He only went 1-5 in this – not a hit but not exciting. Former Ritchie Martin was a Base 5 pick four times, and Cadyne Grenier had a pair coming up in three runs. I’d rather see any of these guys than Chris Owings in the Orioles nowadays.

In the end, Jacksonville tied the game against underdog Rico Garcia at the top of the eighth inning. The tide responded quickly with the ninth round. Grenier led Martin to win the match. Cole Ovila made the ninth goal scoreless, and emphasized all three hits he faced. You must be wondering if the next non-emergency relief spot that opens in Bullpen Orioles is going to go.

The total points of the fund.

Double A: Boy Basics 3, Altona (Pirates) 2

Recent Baysox briefs have featured GUNNAR HENDERSON in a big way. He’s also been prominently involved in the things that happen in this game – unlike many recent games, it’s not really positive things. Henderson went 1-4 with three hits and was caught stealing once, also making a throwing foul and a field foul during his short play. Excuse me! His OPS has remained at 1.025 for the season.

Seven of Bowie’s nine players had success in the game, with multiple hits from defender Hudson Haskin and catcher Cody Roberts. The difference maker in the game was Roberts leading a round in the eighth inning.

Bowie pitchers kept the curve by six strokes during the competition. Rookie kicker Ryan Watson allowed a run in a five-run start, dropping the 24-year-old right-of-way to 3.05 for this season.

The total points of the fund.

High-A: Hudson Valley (Yankees) 3, Aberdeen Iron Birds 2

With nine hits and five walks as a team, the IronBirds certainly haven’t lacked opportunities here. However, they only went 2-12 when hitting with the runners in the scoring position, and as a result they left 12 players at base and incurred one of those frustrating losses. There hasn’t been much to this team this year, aged 33-14 this season.

Kobe Mayo, serving as the designated hitter, had singles and doubles for 2-5 nights. Second officer Connor Norby made it to base three times, with some variety: singles, walk, and ballpark. Stop hitting Connor Norby with missiles! He only lost time after being hit in the head.

This game was a comeback shortly after the injury stint he spent promoting Jean Pinto. Aberdeen didn’t push him too far in his first game; Running was allowed in three rounds. After the bento was the bowler Houston Roth, who allowed two runs in four rounds and ended up losing because the Iron Birds simply couldn’t score much.

The total points of the fund.

Low-A: Delmarva hanging by the rain

The Shorebirds took a 5-1 lead over Myrtle Beach in the fourth inning when rain reached South Carolina and halted the game. I assume it will resume later today, although that has not been reflected in the minor league table as I write this. Trendon Craig was selected to the 20th round of the Oriole Tour last year, who took some extra cash in this draft category and has already done the count, driving in two rounds, and stealing a base.

Saturday matches scheduled

  • Norfolk: opposite Jacksonville, 6:35. Written by: Cody Sedlock
  • Boy: In Altoona, 6:00. Written by: Antonio Velez
  • Aberdeen: opposite the Hudson Valley, 6:05. Written by: Justin Armbruster
  • Delmarva: In Myrtle Beach, 6:05. Author: Moises Chace

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