Braves vs.  Rockies - Game Summary - June 3, 2022

Braves vs. Rockies – Game Summary – June 3, 2022

DENVER — Max Fried made eight goalless runs, Matt Olson hit a single in the 10th inning, and the Atlanta Braves beat the Colorado Rockies 3-1 Friday night to become the last major league team to win three games in a row this season. .

In only the second game in Coors Stadium history that was goalless after nine rounds, Carlos Estevez walked (1-2) and hit the ball to hold the bases in the tenth inning. His unbridled tone of voice allowed robot sprinter Adam Duvall to score.

Olson then hit a liner to run off the field off Lucas Gilbreth, taking the win for AJ Minter (1-0), who worked out ninth. Kenley Janssen ditched the RBI single by Jonathan Daza before hitting 13 times in favor of the volatile Braves, who moved inside a .500 game.

Fried used a mix of pitches that kept rocky unbalanced. He only allowed two hits and didn’t walk until there was one at eight.

“It was all just nails. I mean the slider, the shift, the curve, the fast ball. I’ve seen him chase it several rounds as if he was emptying the tank,” said Braves manager Brian Snitker. “You expect to win the game when he plays.”

Lefty put the first nine strokes. Conor Joe led fourth with an opposite land song to extend his streak on base to 30 games. Fried worked to override Randall Grechuk’s double up front for sixth and helped snatch Brendan Rodgers’ 20-game hitting streak.

Fried, who had two major league eliminations in 2021 and was the winning bowler for Atlanta’s World Championship win, threw 102 shots and hit fours.

“I felt like I had a little bit of everything working,” he said.

The loss spoiled an astonishing nine-game turn to engage struggling Colorado, as Chad Kuhl and three Truce Watchers combined to push the defending champion off the scoreboard.

The Rockies came in after allowing 39 runs and 51 hits in three matches over two days. When manager Bad Black faced questions about his coaching staff before the game, Colorado was in danger of becoming the first team since the 1928 Phillies to give up 12 or more in four consecutive games.

Kuhl got off to a rough start, walking twice and allowing two hits in the first. But the Braves didn’t score thanks to second baseman Rodgers who knocked out Ronald Acuna Jr. at home on his first and third attempt at stealing.

The eyeliner settled from there. He was 60 shots in three rounds but only needed 28 more to get through six. Dansby Swanson had three of the five hits allowed by Kuhl, who has only given up three rounds in his past three starts.

“The Fastball driving was key,” Cole said. “I felt like I was attacking and taking one hit a lot too often.” “When you throw a lot of pitches in one or two rounds, you think of passing five. But I managed to get through six.”

Alex Colome, Tyler Kinley and Daniel Bard closed out the first half, making it the first goalless game to go to 10th in Denver since September 14, 2008, when the Rockies beat the Dodgers in a game started by Hall of Famer Greg Maddux for Los Angeles.

“Being able to put on a show here is a challenge,” said Fred. “I just wanted to be myself, play my game, move the ball and change pace.”

coach room

The brave: Akuna, who is still reaching full strength after her right anterior cruciate ligament surgery, is off in the right direction. He didn’t play Wednesday and DH was on Thursday.

Rockies: Daza (elbow) was in the lineup after not starting the last two games. … Black confirmed that two prospects, 3B Colton Welker and LHP Ryan Rolison, need shoulder surgery at the end of the season.


Braves 2B Ozzie Albies didn’t start with what Snicker said was just a day off. Alpes later had a pinch and has played in all 53 games this season.


Black said the team is not considering replacing shooting coach Daryl Scott despite entering ERA 5.34 on Friday, the second-worst team in the majors.

“He’s a good coach,” Black said.

judging day

Duvall became the third Braves player to have a salary arbitration hearing of the season, a strange case caused by the shutdown. Duvall, who went 0 for 4, is asking for $10,275,000 this season. The Braves responded with $9,275,000.

Relief pitcher Luke Jackson and 3B Austin Riley have lost their case. Fried’s case will be heard later this month.

“All of our guys handled it like professionals,” Snicker said.


Daza dropped a fly-ball into the sixth position, giving the Rocky League-highest 43 fouls.

next one

The Rockies showed up Saturday night in the City Connect alternate green jersey, similar to a Colorado license plate, when they faced LHP Kyle Freeland (1-5, 4.96 ERA) Braves RHP Spencer Strider (1-2, 3.45).


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