St. Francis (softball) and Miti (baseball) reach the title games

St. Francis (softball) and Miti (baseball) reach the title games

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section One

No. 1 St. Francis 4, No. 4 Sheldon Sacramento 0

Three turned into the magic number for the St. Francis softball team on Thursday as the Lancers beat Sheldon Sacramento in the California Interschools semifinals.

University of Washington’s Sydney Stewart provided the most running support with a three-stroke blast to the right of center at the bottom of the third.

“It looked like he was dying and dying and I think he was going to hit the fence,” Stewart said. “But then when that happened, I got ecstatic.”

This was preceded by a momentum-changing double play at the top of the third set.

Then St. Francis sophomore Kate Munerlin retired in the last 12 hitters – three in each run.

“Everyone was pleased after that,” said the left-handed. “The next thing you know, we just take hits, we get hits, we get 1-2-3 points on the field.”

Top seed St. Francis (30-2) avenged one of his only losses, which came in Livermore’s stampede in April courtesy of No. 4 Sheldon (28-6).

“At the beginning of the season it was raw, and we weren’t very experienced,” Stewart said. “We knew we needed to go back and win this game just to be redeemed and so we could go on and play another game.”

Just as in Tuesday’s quarterfinals, Minnesota-bound Jessica Oakland delivered a lockout run with a solo blast in the fifth.

“I feel like every time I visit Homer, or the other way around — or vice versa,” said Oakland, who led her team in 21st place. “We always feed on each other.”

Third-placed Saint Francis will host Clovis (27-6) in the championship match on Saturday at 4 pm

“We want to end our season and our time here in St. Francis with great fanfare,” Stewart said.

Division II

No. 5 Benicia 5, No. 1 Notre Dame Salinas 2, 10 runs

Robin Balmediano led two games in the tenth game to break the tie 2-2 and led Benicia to a surprise victory over top seed Notre Dame Salinas.

The Panthers (24-6) second seed will visit Lincoln-Stockton today at 4 p.m. for the title. Lincoln (26-5-1) beat Central Catholic – Modesto 1-0 in nine games to qualify for the championship game.

Fifth Section

No. 3 Los Altos 4, No. 2 Saint Helena 2

Student Sophia Asar gave a full game and came out in two rounds with one song loaded with rules to lead the Eagles to the CIF NorCal DV Championship match. They will be visiting top seed Big Valley Christian-Modesto on Saturday at 4pm

Asar, a left-winger who has competed in all but one of the rounds this season for Los Altos, lined up single-handedly to the left in sixth to make the game 3-0. Saint Helena came back with two runs at the bottom of the break, but that was it.

Quarterback Kaitlyn Smiley made a dive in the six to help keep Los Altos ahead.

The Eagles will set a record 17-12-1 in a title match. Big Valley Christian improved to 21-6 after crushing Lowell-San Francisco 15-1.

in another place

Carmont gave up five runs for sixth and lost to top seed Dixon 6-1 in a D-IV competition in the semi-finals. The Scots finished the season at 17-12.


No. 2 Archbishop Mitte 3, McClatchy Sacramento 0

Archbishop Mette will play his second tournament in a week after The Monarchs got more impressive performances on Thursday.

They played at home in San Jose, defeating their fourth opponent in five playoffs by defeating McClatchy Sacramento in the semifinals of the CIF NorCal Division II Regional.

The second seed, Mitte, hosts the No. 4 seed Granite Bay on Saturday. Granit Bay defeated top seed Bellarmine 4-2 in 10 games Thursday.

Five days after claiming the CCS Division Two title, Mity received all the attack he needed when Garen Advinkula’s song knocked Elijah Ramos to a 1-0 lead in the first half.

Antonio Cabrera pitched Mitte’s first two runs, and crossed out five. Kyle Skretsky followed with five innings without goals and six strikes.

Mitte added two more runs in the fourth inning as TJ Hays twice led at Advincula and scored Hays on a wild course.

Advincula finished 2 for 3.

No. 4 Granite Bay 4, No. 1 Bellarmine 2

Granite Bay earned my teammates back-to-back 10th place finishes to displace top-ranked Bellarmine in the CIF NorCal D-II playoffs. Granite Bay Races finished what had been six runs for a goalless ball after both teams had two runs in the third inning.

Bills scored his first run when Chase Knight raced home from second on a faulty attempt. The two teams tied 2-2 when Thomas Trumpator hit his guest Rowan Kelly.

Bellarmine threatened to score in the seventh and eighth innings, but was unable to get key hits.

The Bills finished his season at 22-10-1.

Fourth Division

No. 2 Bradshaw Christian Sacramento 8, No. 6 Saint Mary-Berkeley 2

It was one of those days for Saint Mary. The Panthers gave up six unearned runs, according to coach Bill Mouton, and lost to Bradshaw Christian in the CIF NorCal D-IV semi-finals.

“He walks, passes balls and misses,” Mouton said.

With the tournament consisting of three matches in five days, pitch depth was key. St Mary’s went without the two best pitchers Noah Zirkel and EJ McGraw, and it has proven costly.

“They scored two goals in the third set,” Mouton said, adding that three walks and a batting hit played a big part in Bradshaw Christian’s career. “We shot the ball hard but in the wrong direction. The wind kept knocking him down.”

Bradshaw Christian (25-4) is on his way to playing top seed Colusa for the D-IV title on Saturday.

St. Mary finished 10-19-1.

Fifth Section

No. 6 Brian Christian 7, No. 2 Turlock Christian 2

The Eagles broke a tight game 2-0 with four runs in the sixth round en route to the CIF NorCal DV Final.

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