Kino Baseball League High School All-Star games are a hit

Kino Baseball League High School All-Star games are a hit

Cienega star Isaiah Jackson, who signed with ASU, raises his hat to the crowd (Andy Morales/

Founder and organizer of Major League Baseball Keno Bill Leith I once again gathered many of Southern Arizona’s top baseball players to compete in the senior and future All-Star games at the Keno Sports Complex on Tuesday night.

The seventh annual event featured four games consisting of players in categories 1A to 6A with three games featuring seniors and one with lower-class men.

Pictures I took Andy Morales From by clicking here.

Below are the All Sports Tucson Live Facebook video interviews that took place during the event. Among those interviewed was Laith, Bima’s coach Ken JacomiTucson High coach Mark MorrisMarana coach Phil FeliciaMica mountain coach Shane Folsomcoach of Sahuarita Sam GilardiTank Verdi coach Tom pelterThatcher coach Jess HowardWalden Grove coach Murray HicksCDO . Assistant Coach Dennis Toya And the advantage of domestic baseball George Arias (Now scouting with Japanese professional team Yomiuri Giants).

Walden Grove pitcher Gero Calvillo (Andy Morales /

Among the baseball players interviewed are Cienega players herd dog And the Isaiah Jacksontucson Mario BejaranoAnd the Nick AriasAnd the Francisco Rojo, Benji Casares And the the above levamphi Kiko TrigoCDO’s Ernie AlvarezAnd the Austin MadsenAnd the Dominic FelixAnd the Chris humphriesAnd the Michael JonesAnd the Lucas Casey And the Jacob Charlessondesert view Diego Pinedo And the Brady BlackRincon/University Anthony HickokSunnyside Brandon MoranRincon / University wells flowing Tanner Thornton And the Michael Escalantetucson Max LevaThatcher Landin PetersenAnd the Trevin Gaylord And the Davis RussellBenson White Wilharmtank verdi Rayan Sandersonsalpoint Max SmithSan Manuel Noah HuertaNogales Sante Dibben And the RJ GallegoWalden Grove Gero Calvillo and Sahuarita Diego Alvarez.

The last video includes a special moment for the first head coach at Tucson High School Steve Smith (Below) He was replaced by Morris for the last time as he retired after 40 years of coaching.

Access the player introductions video by clicking here.



Head Coach – Sam Gillardi, Sahuarita
Assistant Coach – Dustin Hills, Sahuarita
Assistant Coach – Robert Sanchez, Sahuarita
Assistant Coach – Fernie Mejia, Sahuarita

Noun Rial The school
Brian Bremer Son. Sahwarita
Terrence Hicks Son. Sahwarita
Rogelio Gonzalez Will. sahararu
Christopher Humphreys Will. CDO
Michael Jones Will. CDO
Lucas Casey Son. CDO
Jacob Charlesson Son. CDO
Hector Torres Son. Chola
Nelson Ahumada Will. Chola
Trent Chavez Son. Vista Grande
Jaydon Vannhols Son. Vista Grande
Gerardo Alcantara Son. rio rico
Mauro Wilson the father. Rincon / UHS
Charles Prillough Will. Rincon / UHS
Diego Pinedo Son. desert landscape
Armando Gutierrez the father. desert landscape
James Diaz Will. siniga
Anthony Montez Will. siniga
Conor Reitzman Son. salpoint
Diego Garcia Son. salpoint
Brandon Moran Son. bright side
Robert Sanchez Son. Sahwarita


Head Coach – Shane Folsom, Micah Mountain
Assistant Coach – Michael Junyan, Mika Mountain
Assistant Coach – Tim Gillooly, Micah Mountain
Assistant Coach – Jeremy Bartlett, Micah Mountain
Assistant Coach – Robert Fuentes, Pueblo

Noun Rial The school
jackson barlett the father. Mica Mountain
Jayden Bartlett Will. Mica Mountain
Elia Higuera the father. Mica Mountain
Cameron Hanamoto Will. Mica Mountain
Ethan Hunt the father. Mica Mountain
Nico Pesqueira Son. Mica Mountain
Tanner Thornton Will. flowing wells
Sami Padilla Son. flowing wells
Marco Jones Son. flowing wells
Ethan Bell Son. Catalina foothills
Jacob Solis Son. sahararu
Troy Sanders Son. Catalina foothills
Brian Robinson Will. Mountain View
Matthew Adams Son. Catalina foothills
Javier Arvizo Will. pueblo
Damien Lorta the father. Walden Grove
LP Navarro Will. Walden Grove
Emilio Martinez Son. Douglas
Aiden Rodriguez Son. Douglas
Andrew Cain Son. Ironwood Ridge
Max Leva Son. Tucson
Albert Broussard Son. Marana
Kenny Ryan Son. Marana
Derek Montego Son. Nogales


Seniors 1A-2A-3A


Head Coach – Jess Howard, Thatcher
Assistant Coach – Brandon Cook, Thatcher
Assistant Coach – Michael Fore, Thatcher
Assistant Coach – Brandon Duncan, Thatcher
Assistant Coach – Mark Laupman, Thatcher

Noun The school
Isaac Rollon Bush Ridge
Alessandro Castro Bush Ridge
Hayden Hallett Bush Ridge
Ethan Jones Bush Ridge
Landin Petersen Thatcher
Trevin Gaylord Thatcher
Davis Russell Thatcher
Xavier Romero Babukivari
Darren Frank Babukivari
White Wilharm Benson
Antonio Rigny Benson
David Durazzo Saint Augustine
Alex Jamies Saint Augustine
Billy Shad Saint Augustine
Tapaniko crossing Saint Augustine
Zachary Laura Benson
Jasher Moffett Thatcher


Head Coach – Tom Belter, Tank Verde
Assistant Coach – Eric Walker, Tank Verde
Assistant Coach – Carlo Colombino, Tank Verde
Assistant Coach – Matt McKeon, Tank Verde
Assistant Coach – Cliff Serkis, Tank Verde

Noun The school
Alther died Tank Verde
Tyler Delek Sabino
Ryan Sanderson Tank Verde
Joel Esparza Headstone
Nate Ellison Headstone
Jasher Moffett Headstone
Jesus in Venezuela Valley Union
Luis Camacho empire
Noah Huerta San Manuel
Jess Mitchell Valley Union
Travis Morin Valley Union
Adrien Valencia San Manuel
Jordan Hanson Tank Verde
Andrew Sorby Tank Verde
Emeric Affinity Sabino


Older 5A-6A

5A-6A Seniors All-Star (lifting cans)

Head Coach – Phil Felicia, Marana
Assistant Coach – Kyle Wheeler, Marana
Assistant Coach – Patrick Moyle, Marana

Noun The school
Landon Lawler Marana
Caleb Hubel Marana
Brady Black desert landscape
Anthony Ortiz desert landscape
Andy Pacheco desert landscape
Eduardo Torres desert landscape
Alex Lopez bright side
Armando Valenzuela bright side
Christian Valdespino Rincon / UHS
Alex Figueroa Catalina foothills
Blake Abita Catalina foothills
Antonio Mejia Rincon / UHS
Ryan Padilla Nogales
Julio Ramos Nogales
RJ Gallego Nogales
Sante Dibben Nogales


Head Coach – Mark Morris
Assistant Coach – Steve Smith
Assistant Coach – Steve Perry
Assistant Coach – Thomas Vega
Assistant Coach – Jose Contreras
Assistant Coach – George Arias
Assistant Coach – Marcos Bejarano
Assistant Coach – Cameron Ambarano
Assistant Coach – Brendan Schulz

Noun The school
Nick Arias Tucson
Mario Bejarano Tucson
Robin Castro Tucson
Bungee Kazares Tucson
Ruben Veliscosa Tucson
Francisco Rogo Queiroz Tucson
Michael Escalante flowing wells
Duarte religions siniga
herd dog siniga
Isaiah Jackson siniga
Casein Lomax siniga
Benjamin Durazzo Rincon / UHS
Eric Villa Rincon / UHS
Luke Serna Buena
Cole Godfrey Buena
Jonathan Enright Buena
Cole Anderson Ironwood Ridge
Shane Melik Ironwood Ridge


Older People 4A-5A


Head Coach – Murray Hicks, Walden Grove
Assistant Coach – John Edwards, Walden Grove

Noun The school
Kiko Trigo amphi
Jacob Solis sahararu
Dom Phillips sahararu
zach labham sahararu
Gero Calvillo Walden Grove
Isaac Schefflet Walden Grove
Max Smith salpoint
Omar Munreal salpoint
Victor Coronado rio rico
Luis Peralta rio rico
Francisco Valenzuela Sahwarita
David Petersen (son) Buena
Sam Bates (son) Buena


Head Coach – Denis Toya, CDO
Assistant Coach – Andy Paes, CDO
Assistant Coach – Evan Estrella, CDO
Assistant Coach – Chris Cox, CDO
Assistant Coach – Mario Gonzalez, CDO
Assistant Coach – Matt Macias, CDO
Assistant Coach – Harley Greggs, Vista Grande
Assistant Coach – Victor Olivares, Vista Grande

Noun The school
Isaiah Bucket Mica Mountain
Jpseph Puckett Mica Mountain
Emilio Barreras Vista Grande
Nathan Acevedo Vista Grande
Jason Rael Vista Grande
Trent Chavez Vista Grande
Austin Madsen CDO
Dominic Felix CDO
Blake Limbeck CDO
Chandler Harris Sahaurita
Diogo Martinez Douglas
Diego Alvarez Sahwarita
Roman Ochoa Sahwarita
skilled jamison Mountain View

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