Marlins-Rockies May 31 postponed

Marlins-Rockies May 31 postponed

DENVER – The Rockies-Marlins game Tuesday night has been postponed and a traditional two-header game was scheduled for Wednesday. The Rockies will start German Marquez in the opener and Antonio Cinzatella in the Cup of the Night.

Marlins starters will be Trevor Rogers left and right hand Edward Cabrera, but the order has not been determined. Cabrera is called from Triple-A Jacksonville. The first game starts at 1:10pm GMT, the second will start 45 minutes after the end of the first.

Rite Ryan Feltner, who netted his first major league win with seven powerful runs on Monday afternoon with a 7-1 victory over the Marlins, will not be returning to Triple-A Albuquerque. Instead, he is in line to start Sunday against the Braves.

Speaking before Tuesday’s game was postponed, Rockies manager Budd Black did not make the official announcement but indicated that Sunday would be Feltner’s next turn during the rotation.

Feltner was called up, for the second time this season, because Senzatella sustained a back injury on April 16. In two games since Senzatella’s injury, Feltner has had a 2.25 ERA and 13 strokes in 12 runs. Black said Feltner had little trouble casting the role of Rocky’s sixth star, which meant most of his work was done in Albuquerque.

“It’s part of the process of being a young player,” Black said. “Part of the experience is this.”

Last season, Feltner landed in Division I Spokane and Double-A Hartford before being called up to the Majors for two starts (11.37 ERA). This means that he has not prepared to rise in Albuquerque. But he showed up once there to end the year.

This year, Feltner used triple starts (4-1, 3.76 ERA) to get a better idea of ​​how his Denver grounds would react. Monday was his first start at Coorse, and he handled it really well. Marlins’ Jesus Sanchez hit the Majors’ tallest homer of the season (496 feet) in the second half, but Feltner didn’t give up another inning. His two-and-a-ply fastballs, plus the curveball and slider, were doing exactly what he wanted at home.

“A lot of it has to do with getting comfortable at altitude, going down at altitude, and doing this practice under my belt,” Feltner said. “It helped, as well as seeing consistently better hitters in Triple-A, fine-tune my game plan.”

With the Rockies needing to keep Feltner on the roster, right-hander Chad Smith, who made his goalless debut on Saturday against the Nationals, was selected for Albuquerque. However, Smith is likely to remain with the club as the 27th man for his double-header Wednesday.

Wednesday info
From the Rockies press release:

Tickets for Wednesday’s original 1:10pm match will only be valid for double headers. The same ticket is good for either or both games at the same designated seat location. Fans will not be required to leave the stadium between the two competitions.

Tuesday Match tickets purchased directly from the Rockies will be credited to the original account or returned to the credit card purchased. These ticket holders will be contacted via email with additional details.

Car parks will open at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, with Gates A and E opening at 11:00 AM, and Gates B, C and D opening at 11:30 AM

Free tickets are $0 and may not be refunded or exchanged for another game.

Discount tickets are only valid for the amount paid to The Rockies and are subject to any applicable original sale restrictions.

Secondary Market Tuesday customers must contact the customer service department from which they were purchased. Secondary market tickets are not valid for credits/refunds or exchanges through the Colorado Rockies.

Please call 303-ROCKIES (303-762-5437) with questions.

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