My life story

Recently, walking in the park of our city, I saw a familiar face sitting on a bench at a stall with ice cream. Despite the fact that so many years have passed, I recognized him literally immediately, although he most likely did not recognize him. And of course. Twenty years ago, I was skinny, with a chest of the first size, with a thin face and blond hair. After walking a couple of meters, my heart beat so that it seemed to jump out of my chest. Heat swept over the whole body, head captured memories.

After graduation, I left the city enrolling in a technical school, where I met a guy. We met him about a year and a half, and then he went into the army, to the farewell to which he invited me as his girlfriend. Where he fucked me and deprived me of virginity.

But I could not refuse, because the girl’s hopes took over the actions. Somewhere in the middle of the wires themselves, he led me to the garage where his father’s car was standing, and spreading the seat, singing about love, put in to me, I didn’t get any pleasure. Yes, and he, tearing me the hymen merged without even pushing a member in me. Directed, ripped, entered and merged. After graduating from college, I entered the factory, where I met our master, he is eight years older than me. After a couple of months of friendship, we decided to live together.

A year later, my younger sister, having flown in, decided to get married, and my parents called me for a couple of weeks to help them in preparing for the wedding. Taking a vacation at my own expense I arrived. My sister already lived with this young man with her parents. He worked in the carpool not far from home and in the evenings he came with friends with whom he stayed on his debt.

And on the same evening, he arrived with a new partner. The guy was very attractive – Handsome, slim, tall. Sitting at a table under a canopy, when I approached him serving a snack, he quietly stroked my leg with his hand raised over her knee. That for some reason I was not outraged. And when he approached again and again he did not do it, although I just dreamed that he would do it. When it got dark he moved from the table to the bench near the garage where I was sitting and began to ask about things and life. And when it started to rain, I invited him to go to the summer house, as he was closer than the house, and we slightly soaked our clothes and jumped into it. In the House, he took off his wet T-shirt. It was dark and there was nothing particularly visible, and I, too, took off my wet dress and began to look for something, you can throw yourself dry. But he saw it differently, and embracing me began to stroke and kiss. What aroused me greatly, and I was so dizzy that I came to my senses when he had already fucked me laying on the bed. He tucked me up with his hands under my back, pressed my small breasts to himself and fucked like a wound.

Pussy made all kinds of sounds, when entering it, slaps from the touch of our bodies were heard throughout the room drowning out the sound of rain and wind outside. When I felt that my stomach began to twitch like that, and the heat rolled through my body, I realized that this probably was an orgasm, which I hadn’t had before that time. Then the noise in the head and a pleasant shiver through the body. I wrapped my arms around him and, clinging to him unexpectedly, made a loud moan, more like a scream. This I experienced in the first – a deep pleasure visited my body at this moment, it’s a pity it lasted only a few seconds. I lay relaxed all over my body, stretched my legs apart and stretched my legs along the bed, while he was kissing me fucking nonstop. After five minutes, he pulled my penis out of me, stopping abruptly, I even thought that he had finished and did not want to merge into me, but he raised himself on his knees, took me by the shoulders and began to turn over on my stomach, realizing that I turned over, and rose kneeling.

During my short sex life, I was not fucked in this position, and I somehow thought it was not quite the right position, it seemed to be more suitable for some whores, but at that moment I wanted what he would continue to do in any position He entered as soon as I took the pose, and again there were sounds from the pussy and slaps from the blows of his body on my buttocks.

This went on for a long time, he then accelerated the tempo, then slowed down, stroking my chest, nestling on my back, then straightened again, holding my buttocks, increased the tempo, which aroused me and I again got an orgasm, just shouting my head into the mattress.

As I finished he stopped, pulling a member, he turned me back on his back. I spread my legs pressed them, he lay down and immediately went in and I to feel him such a powerful tool lifted closer to him, so that the member went as far as possible into me. Holding it for a bit, he continued and making a few movements slowed down the pace, then stopped sticking it out for a bit, began to twitch at it with each start of the movement, and leaning on me, having come to the end, moaned off. I felt like a sperm coming out of it filling the free space in the vagina. Holding me in and pulling him out after he went limp, he lay down next to me, and began to stroke my body, kissing my neck, face, lips, eyes, as if thanks for the pleasure.

Outside, the wind didn’t noticeable for us and the rain stopped. He dressed and kissed me gone. I threw an old coat hanging on a hanger under my head and went to bed putting on the things I found in the closet. In the morning my mother woke me with a knock at the door.

Three days later, the sister’s future husband came with him again. He winked not noticeably at me and pointed his head at the summer house. I smiled nodded. When it got dark and everyone ran up to their burrows, we did what we both wanted, to repeat the same thing that was three days ago, and we repeated it quite successfully. We did the same thing the next day, during the wedding, and after it, until I left. I never saw him again. Since arriving seven months later, with a rather prominent stomach, I learned that he quit right after my departure and left for some unknown place. So that before I saw him sitting on the bench, I did not meet him. My daughter is very similar to him, but this is known only to me, since I myself did not know from whom she, from her husband or from him. But now I understood for sure that this is his daughter. I did not have the strength to approach.

But I decided for myself if I met him again, I would definitely come up, and I was taken aback by everything that came out of this, my husband left for five years as this world, so I’ll boldly say at the meeting about his daughter.


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