How I became a mistress

I am quite an ordinary girl I am 30 years old. I work as a conveyor belt driver. Married. And the guy works as an electrician. Also married. And so he began to show interest to me. That candy brought that chocolate.

We began to communicate with him. Let’s talk by laughing. I did not pay attention that he could hug me by the waist or he would put his hands on his shoulders. Until his hand fell on my ass. He said sorry, I inadvertently. I was even a little excited. But I like a decent girl scolded him. He said that more will not be so.

Several days passed and this happened again. He said that he could not resist not to touch my ass. I melted and allowed him to take me with both hands for the ass, he pressed me and stroked my ass. I felt like he gets up and rests between my legs. Just in the right place. I feel that I flowed.

Well, stop talking and move away from him. Then it was repeated even kisses. All this happened at work in a secluded corner. And then one day came, or rather not the day, but the night. Since we work in the day – night 2 days off. He again came to me and called me to our place. He just took the hand and led. We embraced kissing again.

And I feel like his hand climbs into my pants. From the beginning, I wanted to push him away, but I dared. He touches my ass, and it turns me on so much that I even moaned a little. He wanted to stretch my pants. And here I understand what this will lead to. I eat well, that’s too much. Several shifts we did not retire. All these days I just thought about it.

After all, it excites me. But I did not want to cheat on my husband. The next time he calls me, I will tell him everything will not be enough anymore. And so it is time we go to our place. He immediately took me behind the ass, started kissing. I just wanted to tell him that everything. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. He was already ready and so big. It was the second member in my life that I saw live. Since I married a virgin, and my husband did not change. He said to touch him. Why I did not run away I do not know. I took his dick in his hand and started to jerk him.

When he finished, I wiped my hands. And we went to jobs. I thought about it for three more days. Understanding that I liked it, and I want to do it to him. And this was repeated several times. And I feel like I like it! In one of our meeting when, I again jerked him. He finished in my hand. I look at the liquid on my hand. He says lick. Putting my hand to my mouth, I licked his cum.

This smell and taste aroused me. Up to this point I did not do blowjob. I did not know this taste and smell. In the same shift, I write him a text message. I want more … He did not keep himself waiting. We retired. I already unzipped my fly and pulled out a member, started to masturbate. I felt his hands crush me down. And here I am on his knees in front of my face. Well, take it in your mouth you want it. And I took it. How much it went on I do not remember. I just felt like a hot jet sprayed onto my tongue. I did not know what to do, and swallowed everything. That’s why I finished too. A couple of days later he called me to drive. I understood that he wants me, and I want it too. We went. We arrived in the woods.

Started kissing his hands stroking my thighs and chest. I do not even remember how I was already sitting on his penis and moving up and down. He held my ass. And then I felt his finger entered my ass. I rolled my eyes in pleasure. He asked, do you want in the ass? Without thinking, she said yes. Although before that I did not have there. We got out of the car, he put me down with a crustacean, I rested in the hood. And he began to insert my dick in the ass. I was hurt a little and was immediately pleased. A few movements and feel it all in myself. It was excellent. One time my husband said. I want you in the ass. Why I refused I do not know.

After all, I like in the ass. When my friend and I have sex. Blowjob husband, I also do not.

That’s how I became a lover and I like it!


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