My wife got fucked in a nightclub

I do not even know how to start. My wife and I live 10 years. I began to fantasize on the subject, if it will fuck another man. My wife is a very correct woman, she is against all sorts of debauchery, mischief, etc. When we had sex, I told her more than once that I wanted to be fucked in front of me, she cursed and said that if she wanted to fuck, I wouldn’t know, and certainly not see. But to be honest, I do not want to be fucked in secret from me and I stopped talking on this topic. It all happened at a party, I forgot what I wanted, it was an ordinary banal trip to the club, by the way, on my initiative, we rarely go to clubs about once every two years.

Since this began the first time we just danced and rested. I was tired and didn’t want to dance anymore and just sat at the table, my wife sat with me and called for me to dance, I refused and probably offended her a little that I didn’t accept her offers and probably because of this when a young man approached her and invited her to dance she told me to go dance with her or she would dance without me. I refused, thinking, didn’t like the conditions, and let the terrible dance come, I didn’t pay attention at first, where my wife glanced at his wife near the bar and had a glass of drink in her hand. Honestly I was not pleased that she allowed her to buy a drink. In addition, she drank so much.

After a while, a slow dance began, I watched my wife as she went to dance. At first everything was decent, and later the guy’s hand slid to her ass. Tatiana, that’s my wife’s name, didn’t remove the guy’s hand, but I think she just thought I don’t see. Well, if it is short, she came to me this evening, she went to dance again, so the evening ended, we went home at about 6-00 in the morning, I was terribly tired, and my wife pestered me to have sex. You know, I’m not old, I’m 32, my wife is 27. And yet I can’t jump the night, dance, then have sex, thank you.

So I told her, let’s rest, and there are no problems. We went to sleep, but mine began to reproach me that I did not like her, etc., not paying attention, I fell asleep. And somehow at the time of having sex, I again began to fantasize so that she made me jealous and could fuck, Tatiana said that if I did not stop talking about this she would fuck.

Excitement swept over me, let’s fuck, let you fuck, such a beautiful girl to fuck alone and not to boast that you have the wrong thing. We again went to the same club, only this time I convinced me to go without underwear, she said that if I fucked her, I would be guilty, I assured her that I would not miss her. My wife went to a club without underwear. She drank a lot, she danced, with a guy, he seemed impudent to me, because, as he felt my naked wife almost, he climbed under the dress. He led her to the corner of the dance floor, I lost sight of my wife first when I found it, he in impudently opened her chest and touched her with his hands and even touched her lips. I did everything so that my wife noticed me, and motioned that she should stop and return to her field of vision. Tatiana did as I told her, but she was very excited, I realized that she did not come right away, only after about five minutes. I began to watch her, but if it should be, then it should be, my phone rang and I had to go out, could not speak with loud music, it was an important call when I returned, I could not find my wife on the dance floor. I began to look for her, the whole club searched, even in the toilets M and F looked.

And he accidentally bumped down the stairs and saw in poor visibility how the guy puts on a condom and the wife looks, then he bent her with cancer and began to insert, I wanted to break in and stop it, but I thought that I loved her very much and let her not know that I saw everything. I stood and watched as a stranger fucks my beloved wife. He fucked her quickly and hard first my wife finished, then he. I left the shelter, allegedly returned from the talks, my wife sat at a table, I sat down with her and did not show the appearance that I had seen everything. Only at the moment of sex, my wife told me that she was fucked at the club, and you know what I’ll tell you: she said that it’s better than the man we love, there’s no one on earth and who the hell I give my treasure, this case gave me understand how much I love her!

I blame it all, only myself.