Kaif in the village without a spouse

A year ago, I went to my old friend.

She lived outside the city, in the village. At the bus stop, two guys came out with me. It turned out that they were sent to the same village. From the stop you had to go another two kilometers. The guys helped carry things. On the way, talking. The guys studied at the institute, and now they have come to rest.

One of them, Slava, lived in this village. A friend worked during the day: she left in the morning and returned in the evening. I spent the first day at home, and then, on the advice of a friend, I began to walk to the river during the day. On the opposite shore was a good place to rest: a sandy beach, and behind it immediately began a forest. On this day there was no one on the shore. Having bathed, I went, as usual, to wander through the forest. Suddenly voices were heard from the bushes.

Curiosity took its. Trying to be inconspicuous, I walked a few more meters until I noticed those who were talking. It turned out to be my friends guys: Slava and Sergey, and with them a girl I did not know. The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that they were engaged in three sex. Of course, I watched porn movies several times, but here everything happened right before my eyes, literally a few meters away (the good thing was that the thicket was thick, and I crept as close as possible). The woman sighed, moaned, screamed, wriggling in the arms of the guys.

Poses changed several times. At the end of this holiday of love, the guys entered it simultaneously, using the vagina and anus. And all three have finished. From what I saw, I caught my breath, the excitement was so great that as soon as I touched the clitoris, as soon as I finished. Great effort I had to not scream at this moment. I saw all my sexual fantasies awake. How many times have I imagined how to make love with two men at the same time, satisfying their most lustful desires and receiving great pleasure in return. I changed my clothes on the beach (my panties were very wet). All day I did not get out of my head.

Thoughts were confused, I wanted to be in the place of the woman, just do not hide my emotions, having fun, but on the other hand I did not want to cheat on my husband. The next day, as usual, I was on the river. Curiosity still took its toll, and I went to look at yesterday’s place, but there was no one there. When I walked through the woods and returned to the river, I saw my friends I met on the shore. Inwardly I was very happy, but outwardly I tried to seem indifferent. Guys splashing in the water, sunbathed. Communication was pleasant and I kept looking at their faces, bodies, and what was in swimming trunks more and more.

The guys also didn’t hide their curiosity, joked, told piquant jokes. I almost did not hide my interest in talking about it. Excitement gradually increased. My two entities struggled in me desperately: on the one hand, a faithful, loving wife, and on the other, a passionate, unsatisfied female. I suddenly found that the second is clearly winning, but still did not dare to take the first step towards it. I silently got up and went to the place where they made love yesterday. For myself, I decided if the guys come, then I will not hide my desire. I took off my swimsuit and lay down on my stomach. She covered her face with her palm, leaving a crack so that you could watch the path I came here. Tedious waiting time.

Everything was ablaze in the abdomen. And finally, I heard footsteps. The guys were heading in my direction. I turned my back on them, knelt, bent my head to the grass, and putting my hand between my legs, began to caress myself. When the guys saw me, they first stopped, looking at what was happening, and then they came very close to me and watched in silence. I started to get stronger and stronger from the awareness that masturbating in front of the guys. It gave me great pleasure to twist the body, voluptuously groan and moan. Suddenly, I felt one of them clasp my hands around my buttocks. I turned around – it was Glory.

In my eyes and in my eyes one could easily read a great desire. Without saying a word, I buried my head in the grass, clearly hinting at the more decisive actions of the guys. Slava continued to caress my body, until, finally, he abruptly entered me. Before he could make a few pushes, a strong orgasm shook my body. I groaned very loudly, clutching my hands in the grass. Slava continued, and I tried to help him with my convulsive body movements. Strongly provoke the fact that Sergei was watching us. Glory did not leave my body alone for a second. In a fit of passion, he strongly bit me on the nipple, and to my great surprise, I discovered that it gave me great pleasure, given a strong impulse between my legs.

I have noticed before that I am not indifferent to pain when having sex, but I did not expect such an effect. It was very sweet, and before Slava finished, I got two more orgasms. It was my first time. Before that, I reached an orgasm very rarely, but here several at once. Then we made love in three. I did everything I wanted, in reality fulfilling all my long-awaited fantasies. The body did not obey my mind and got up all that it wanted.

Partners skillfully fulfilled my wishes. I finally got satisfaction from the blowjob, and even got an orgasm, when Sergey finished in my mouth (my husband never allowed him to do blowjob). I, like a lustful bitch that broke the chain, did not give the guys peace of mind. And the condition of the woman praying about sex excited me even more. Without any constraint, I attacked them, aging faster to restore their staunch soldiers. Lustfulness whipped out of me.

I really, like a bitch, walked on all fours, making obscene body movements with my ass, rubbed their breasts against their bodies, kissed and licked them. And when Slava, so I fell behind, jokingly slapped me on the pope, I got great pleasure. When we finally, tired and satisfied, lay flat on the grass, it was already evening.

We agreed to meet the next day. At night I hardly slept, remembering what had happened and fantasizing about the future. I was not reassured by the thought that tomorrow there would be an opportunity again to pour out all desires from myself. … and they took me in different poses, I was both a horsewoman, and a submissive litter, and finally I knew that I had two men at the same time … It’s a pity that we met only once (my husband came for me, I had to leave home).

Since then, she once came to a friend, but my boys were not in the village. Only unforgettable memories of those happy days in the routine of boring and monotonous family sex life remained.