Lesbian leanings

We were familiar with Masha for a long time and I often noticed different lesbian inclinations behind her, but somehow I didn’t really attach much importance to this. You know, it happens that girls kiss at a meeting, walk by the hand and all that.

So they do everything and always have been, but Masha somehow did it in a special way. She didn’t just set her cheek on the meeting for my lips, but she strove to catch me with her lips and not just touch for the sake of a tick, but rather kiss. Several times she even broke out her tongue.

She always justified by the habit of letting him out at the kiss and started to giggle and it all looked like simple girlish fun. I must say that I myself am such a friend, that I often look at the beauty of other girls and do not hesitate to show my charms in the bathhouse and look at naked girlfriends. It gets me a little bit and warms up from the inside.

Several times it was such that my pussy got wet when I went to the bathhouse with my friends. We often drop in such places. But then, when I was excited, I thought that this was due to the fact that I was naked. You know, it only happens that you undress, even to change clothes and get a little excited by your own nudity. That time I thought so. This I now know that I was then stirred up by the rounded shapes of the same Masha and another of our friends Katya.

That one generally had huge tits from the sight of which any person would get excited, especially the guy. In general, Katya never had problems with the men, and she often told us how she had sex with one thing or another. Sometimes she even steeples at the same time with several lovers. Listening to all this, it always seemed to me that it could not be so easy, and in Russia no one is having sex like that, even hungry students in hostels only fuck in pairs and in no other way.

But in such a way that two guys flogged you at the same time and you alternately substituted your hole and did blowjob to them – this can only be in American cinema on tape. So I thought in my youth, now I understand for sure that I was a fool and I needed to spend more time with Katya and her company, maybe my first group sex would have come much earlier than thirty years. By the way, my first gangbang, which I want to tell all happened in the same company: I am Katya and Masha. We drank a little, Katya had just just divorced her second husband, although she was not yet thirty at that time.

The reason was trivial – the girl does not know how to keep track of her hole and can fuck with the car washer while her husband is flipping through magazines in the rest room. Weak on the front, but I do not blame her, we are all women to some extent. We could say that that day we celebrated this event and everything was as usual. Masha kissed everyone as a hickey, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, Katya told me about her sexual adventures as a free lady, and I listened to all this attentively. After the restaurant we went to the billiard room, Catherine dragged us there, she wanted to meet the next guy there for the night, because her pussy was so itchy from the thought that she would fuck now and her ex-masturbate.

The time was past midnight and the pool room was just men – the best time to search for adventures to the three young girls is a little under the driver. We took champagne and fruit, drank and began to consider the public. It was so funny to see how all these dorks began to walk like peacocks, showing their playing skills and coolness. When girls appear in such places, they turn into males who want to show that it is they who are in charge here, but we girls know for sure that this is all a play and we are the main ones. It is we who choose for ourselves a lover, and it doesn’t matter to us how he will behave and how he will look.

Experienced Catherine spotted a company of guys at the next table and invited them to sit down with us. Those from the company that most stood out for the game immediately merged and were scared to talk with us, but among them were two brave men who didn’t mind talking to us and having a little drink.

We talked and I did not understand how they turned out to be the whole friendly company in my house. Why no one in me can still say. We settled in the living room at the table and drank wine. I was already pretty drunk and ready for anything and Masha saw it.

That evening she paid quite a lot of attention to me, poured wine and champagne in the billiard room. The bitch was preparing and soldering me the way the guys do, but I’m not angry at her – she did everything right. Katya was already hanging on two guys and whispering with them, Masha stroked my thigh, gradually rising higher and higher straight to my pussy. I did not resist her, but lay back in my chair and spread my legs wide apart. Two guys have already started kissing Kate in the neck and lips, and Masha began to caress my crotch. She no longer took her hand down, but constantly kept her right on the pussy massaging her again and again, from which I was excited even more. I liked to look at the beginning sex of my girlfriend and feel on the perineum such a gentle and gentle hand of Masha.

On the other side of the table, we began to undress, and we tried to keep up. I myself took off the upper part of clothes and showed poured breasts. By that time, the bra had already been unbuttoned, and nothing was covering the boobs. For a moment, the guys were distracted from Katya’s body and looked at mine, which aroused me greatly. One of them has already inserted Kate from behind and looked at me during sex. Masha also undressed herself and sank down to my hole to kiss me there. I turned so that she was comfortable making Cooney.

Oh god How well she licks. In this setting, group sex, I got an orgasm from Cooney in just a couple of minutes. Usually guys need much longer to lick and fuck me to orgasm, and here it is, the Cries and moans continued for a long time, but that first time of my group sex I didn’t sleep with a man, but enjoyed only lesbian sex with Masha and Katya.

And they, and I made them several times nice.