My neighbors

When I divorced, I had to sell the house in order to give my “honest” half of our fortune to my ex-wife. I will not discuss how it was the “honest” half.

In general, I had to move to a small house in the cheaper area. I need to spend the night somewhere, after all! Soon I realized that I had not lost a bit by settling in my shack. In fact, now that in my bedroom there are no two wardrobes with dresses, I have nothing to occupy all this empty space. And I suddenly had so much free time! And most importantly, no one needs to report why I need a third can of beer or why Roy calls this at half past nine o’clock …

To my great pleasure, I discovered that the windows of my kitchen go straight to the courtyard of a neighboring house where two very pretty girls live student Particularly pleased that they often bask in the sun in such ma-a-scarlet swimsuits, and it is in this courtyard. I even brought a chair to the kitchen to watch them. When they start rubbing each other with oil for tanning, it seems to me that my fly will burst, and I will have to part with all my regular pants!

One sunny day in the middle of July, one of my neighbors, looking at my window, noticed me! Well, what else could I do? I had to wave it in greeting and open the window. – Hello! , reached me. – Hello! You girls don’t want soda? Or a beer? – Come on! – almost in one voice beautiful women shouted. After a moment, they had already left the blanket on which they were lying and, beating around the house, were knocking on my door. Getting to the door, I tried to think of something to do so that the girls would not notice how I was standing. And since the day was very hot, I had nothing but light cotton shorts …

And then I decided: “And what the hell, in fact?” And opened the door, letting in from inside. “Hi, I’m Connie,” said the one that is higher. And this is Laura. Connie was two or three centimeters higher than her girlfriend, and her blond hair was a darker shade than Laura’s mane. Laura stepped inside and nodded to Connie, glancing at the large bed in the bedroom.

Connie blossomed into a smile. While everything was going well, the girls did not notice a bulge the size of a big cucumber sprinkled with my shorts … But then Connie blurted out: “Looks like you have problems … There, under these old shorts …”. – What are you talking about? – I asked, trying to hide the embarrassment. Laura giggled. Sit down and I’ll make soda water for now! – finally, I managed to slip into the kitchen. And how old are they, by the way? Maybe they also can not drink something? – Girls, is it not dangerous to give you beer? How old are you at all? “I scream from the kitchen.” – I – 20, – this is Connie. And Laura – 19. What are you going to withhold this valuable product from us?

By the way, he called himself – we didn’t get stuffed up! At this time, I am standing in the kitchen trying to attach shorts so that they are not particularly noticeable mounds. However, my attempts did not succeed. When I entered the room with two glasses of soda, the first thing I heard was: “Aha, Laura, look, he thought we would not notice anything!”. – Okay, do not be shy, show it to us! We didn’t come to you for soda! And Laura constantly got up from the couch, slowly and erotically pulled off her panties from a swimsuit, then she put her hands on the bed, exposing her charming ass into the air, and called: “Stop being modest! Come on, insert your piece in my ass!” I was just in shock! However, Connie has already pulled off my shorts, leaving Adam in a costume with bulging parts.

But I still didn’t believe it was coming with me! While I was standing like a complete idiot, with a sticky member. Connie came to the bathroom and brought a tube of tanner. After that, she threw the tube on the bed not far from Laura, which was standing, showing me her smoothly shaved temple and easily turning her hips. Connie knelt down behind her friend, opened Laura’s already wet lips with one hand, and easily began to insert her finger into her friend. And I still stood in the middle of the room, listening to Laura’s moaning and tightly grabbing my cock. But my numbness passed, I moved the coffee table with the glasses on it closer to the wall. And Laura immediately stood in the middle of the room “cancer”, revealing to me all her charms.

Connie rubbed oil on my dick, and then firmly grabbing it, dragged me closer to waiting Laura! When a beautiful girl grabbing your dick sends it in the ass of another beauty, this is unforgettable! I knelt behind Laura, Connie pressed the head of my dick to the back hole of her friend, and I gently began to push him deeper. Immediately I didn’t succeed, and I had to push harder, Laura bit her lower lip, she had tears in her mouth, but she was silent, without uttering a sound, I didn’t enter beyond the sphincter. Only now she whispered: “Wait!”. A minute later, her ass muscles relaxed, and I was able to enter this beautiful ass to the full depth of my dick! Connie had already settled under us and began to lick my balls with her tender tongue while I had her girlfriend. I moved all by increasing and increasing the pace, not believing that I was having anal sex with one beauty, while the other was working on my tongue.

If this gentle tongue disappeared, then Connie took hold of Laura’s smooth pussy while my piston walked in her ass. Not every porn you see this! Here Connie’s palm fell on my ass, I feel her wet finger entering my ass while I fuck Laura in the back passage! Her ass is always lovely! So elastic, so tender! Suddenly, Connie’s finger enters my bottom all the way down, and – AAAa! I’m starting to finish …

Connie hastily pulls out my twitching dick from her girlfriend’s ass and puts it in her mouth, hoping to profit from something. She swallows all the sperm and licks licentiously lips looking at me. Laura rises to her feet: – Well, and how does this stallion taste? That day I learned a lot about the tongues, butts and pussies of my neighbors. It turned out that both of them adore sex when one of them has an anus and the other can lick a girlfriend’s vagina and a member that is part of a fake ass!

In general, you know, I have never yet regretted that I had divorced!