How I became a mistress

I am quite an ordinary girl I am 30 years old. I work as a conveyor belt driver. Married. And the guy works as an electrician. Also married. And so he began to show interest to me. That candy brought that chocolate.

We began to communicate with him. Let’s talk by laughing. I did not pay attention that he could hug me by the waist or he would put his hands on his shoulders. Until his hand fell on my ass. He said sorry, I inadvertently. I was even a little excited. But I like a decent girl scolded him. He said that more will not be so.

Several days passed and this happened again. He said that he could not resist not to touch my ass. I melted and allowed him to take me with both hands for the ass, he pressed me and stroked my ass. I felt like he gets up and rests between my legs. Just in the right place. I feel that I flowed.

Well, stop talking and move away from him. Then it was repeated even kisses. All this happened at work in a secluded corner. And then one day came, or rather not the day, but the night. Since we work in the day – night 2 days off. He again came to me and called me to our place. He just took the hand and led. We embraced kissing again.

And I feel like his hand climbs into my pants. From the beginning, I wanted to push him away, but I dared. He touches my ass, and it turns me on so much that I even moaned a little. He wanted to stretch my pants. And here I understand what this will lead to. I eat well, that’s too much. Several shifts we did not retire. All these days I just thought about it.

After all, it excites me. But I did not want to cheat on my husband. The next time he calls me, I will tell him everything will not be enough anymore. And so it is time we go to our place. He immediately took me behind the ass, started kissing. I just wanted to tell him that everything. He unzipped his fly and pulled out his dick. He was already ready and so big. It was the second member in my life that I saw live. Since I married a virgin, and my husband did not change. He said to touch him. Why I did not run away I do not know. I took his dick in his hand and started to jerk him.

When he finished, I wiped my hands. And we went to jobs. I thought about it for three more days. Understanding that I liked it, and I want to do it to him. And this was repeated several times. And I feel like I like it! In one of our meeting when, I again jerked him. He finished in my hand. I look at the liquid on my hand. He says lick. Putting my hand to my mouth, I licked his cum.

This smell and taste aroused me. Up to this point I did not do blowjob. I did not know this taste and smell. In the same shift, I write him a text message. I want more … He did not keep himself waiting. We retired. I already unzipped my fly and pulled out a member, started to masturbate. I felt his hands crush me down. And here I am on his knees in front of my face. Well, take it in your mouth you want it. And I took it. How much it went on I do not remember. I just felt like a hot jet sprayed onto my tongue. I did not know what to do, and swallowed everything. That’s why I finished too. A couple of days later he called me to drive. I understood that he wants me, and I want it too. We went. We arrived in the woods.

Started kissing his hands stroking my thighs and chest. I do not even remember how I was already sitting on his penis and moving up and down. He held my ass. And then I felt his finger entered my ass. I rolled my eyes in pleasure. He asked, do you want in the ass? Without thinking, she said yes. Although before that I did not have there. We got out of the car, he put me down with a crustacean, I rested in the hood. And he began to insert my dick in the ass. I was hurt a little and was immediately pleased. A few movements and feel it all in myself. It was excellent. One time my husband said. I want you in the ass. Why I refused I do not know.

After all, I like in the ass. When my friend and I have sex. Blowjob husband, I also do not.

That’s how I became a lover and I like it!


My life story

Recently, walking in the park of our city, I saw a familiar face sitting on a bench at a stall with ice cream. Despite the fact that so many years have passed, I recognized him literally immediately, although he most likely did not recognize him. And of course. Twenty years ago, I was skinny, with a chest of the first size, with a thin face and blond hair. After walking a couple of meters, my heart beat so that it seemed to jump out of my chest. Heat swept over the whole body, head captured memories.

After graduation, I left the city enrolling in a technical school, where I met a guy. We met him about a year and a half, and then he went into the army, to the farewell to which he invited me as his girlfriend. Where he fucked me and deprived me of virginity.

But I could not refuse, because the girl’s hopes took over the actions. Somewhere in the middle of the wires themselves, he led me to the garage where his father’s car was standing, and spreading the seat, singing about love, put in to me, I didn’t get any pleasure. Yes, and he, tearing me the hymen merged without even pushing a member in me. Directed, ripped, entered and merged. After graduating from college, I entered the factory, where I met our master, he is eight years older than me. After a couple of months of friendship, we decided to live together.

A year later, my younger sister, having flown in, decided to get married, and my parents called me for a couple of weeks to help them in preparing for the wedding. Taking a vacation at my own expense I arrived. My sister already lived with this young man with her parents. He worked in the carpool not far from home and in the evenings he came with friends with whom he stayed on his debt.

And on the same evening, he arrived with a new partner. The guy was very attractive – Handsome, slim, tall. Sitting at a table under a canopy, when I approached him serving a snack, he quietly stroked my leg with his hand raised over her knee. That for some reason I was not outraged. And when he approached again and again he did not do it, although I just dreamed that he would do it. When it got dark he moved from the table to the bench near the garage where I was sitting and began to ask about things and life. And when it started to rain, I invited him to go to the summer house, as he was closer than the house, and we slightly soaked our clothes and jumped into it. In the House, he took off his wet T-shirt. It was dark and there was nothing particularly visible, and I, too, took off my wet dress and began to look for something, you can throw yourself dry. But he saw it differently, and embracing me began to stroke and kiss. What aroused me greatly, and I was so dizzy that I came to my senses when he had already fucked me laying on the bed. He tucked me up with his hands under my back, pressed my small breasts to himself and fucked like a wound.

Pussy made all kinds of sounds, when entering it, slaps from the touch of our bodies were heard throughout the room drowning out the sound of rain and wind outside. When I felt that my stomach began to twitch like that, and the heat rolled through my body, I realized that this probably was an orgasm, which I hadn’t had before that time. Then the noise in the head and a pleasant shiver through the body. I wrapped my arms around him and, clinging to him unexpectedly, made a loud moan, more like a scream. This I experienced in the first – a deep pleasure visited my body at this moment, it’s a pity it lasted only a few seconds. I lay relaxed all over my body, stretched my legs apart and stretched my legs along the bed, while he was kissing me fucking nonstop. After five minutes, he pulled my penis out of me, stopping abruptly, I even thought that he had finished and did not want to merge into me, but he raised himself on his knees, took me by the shoulders and began to turn over on my stomach, realizing that I turned over, and rose kneeling.

During my short sex life, I was not fucked in this position, and I somehow thought it was not quite the right position, it seemed to be more suitable for some whores, but at that moment I wanted what he would continue to do in any position He entered as soon as I took the pose, and again there were sounds from the pussy and slaps from the blows of his body on my buttocks.

This went on for a long time, he then accelerated the tempo, then slowed down, stroking my chest, nestling on my back, then straightened again, holding my buttocks, increased the tempo, which aroused me and I again got an orgasm, just shouting my head into the mattress.

As I finished he stopped, pulling a member, he turned me back on his back. I spread my legs pressed them, he lay down and immediately went in and I to feel him such a powerful tool lifted closer to him, so that the member went as far as possible into me. Holding it for a bit, he continued and making a few movements slowed down the pace, then stopped sticking it out for a bit, began to twitch at it with each start of the movement, and leaning on me, having come to the end, moaned off. I felt like a sperm coming out of it filling the free space in the vagina. Holding me in and pulling him out after he went limp, he lay down next to me, and began to stroke my body, kissing my neck, face, lips, eyes, as if thanks for the pleasure.

Outside, the wind didn’t noticeable for us and the rain stopped. He dressed and kissed me gone. I threw an old coat hanging on a hanger under my head and went to bed putting on the things I found in the closet. In the morning my mother woke me with a knock at the door.

Three days later, the sister’s future husband came with him again. He winked not noticeably at me and pointed his head at the summer house. I smiled nodded. When it got dark and everyone ran up to their burrows, we did what we both wanted, to repeat the same thing that was three days ago, and we repeated it quite successfully. We did the same thing the next day, during the wedding, and after it, until I left. I never saw him again. Since arriving seven months later, with a rather prominent stomach, I learned that he quit right after my departure and left for some unknown place. So that before I saw him sitting on the bench, I did not meet him. My daughter is very similar to him, but this is known only to me, since I myself did not know from whom she, from her husband or from him. But now I understood for sure that this is his daughter. I did not have the strength to approach.

But I decided for myself if I met him again, I would definitely come up, and I was taken aback by everything that came out of this, my husband left for five years as this world, so I’ll boldly say at the meeting about his daughter.


My wife got fucked in a nightclub

I do not even know how to start. My wife and I live 10 years. I began to fantasize on the subject, if it will fuck another man. My wife is a very correct woman, she is against all sorts of debauchery, mischief, etc. When we had sex, I told her more than once that I wanted to be fucked in front of me, she cursed and said that if she wanted to fuck, I wouldn’t know, and certainly not see. But to be honest, I do not want to be fucked in secret from me and I stopped talking on this topic. It all happened at a party, I forgot what I wanted, it was an ordinary banal trip to the club, by the way, on my initiative, we rarely go to clubs about once every two years.

Since this began the first time we just danced and rested. I was tired and didn’t want to dance anymore and just sat at the table, my wife sat with me and called for me to dance, I refused and probably offended her a little that I didn’t accept her offers and probably because of this when a young man approached her and invited her to dance she told me to go dance with her or she would dance without me. I refused, thinking, didn’t like the conditions, and let the terrible dance come, I didn’t pay attention at first, where my wife glanced at his wife near the bar and had a glass of drink in her hand. Honestly I was not pleased that she allowed her to buy a drink. In addition, she drank so much.

After a while, a slow dance began, I watched my wife as she went to dance. At first everything was decent, and later the guy’s hand slid to her ass. Tatiana, that’s my wife’s name, didn’t remove the guy’s hand, but I think she just thought I don’t see. Well, if it is short, she came to me this evening, she went to dance again, so the evening ended, we went home at about 6-00 in the morning, I was terribly tired, and my wife pestered me to have sex. You know, I’m not old, I’m 32, my wife is 27. And yet I can’t jump the night, dance, then have sex, thank you.

So I told her, let’s rest, and there are no problems. We went to sleep, but mine began to reproach me that I did not like her, etc., not paying attention, I fell asleep. And somehow at the time of having sex, I again began to fantasize so that she made me jealous and could fuck, Tatiana said that if I did not stop talking about this she would fuck.

Excitement swept over me, let’s fuck, let you fuck, such a beautiful girl to fuck alone and not to boast that you have the wrong thing. We again went to the same club, only this time I convinced me to go without underwear, she said that if I fucked her, I would be guilty, I assured her that I would not miss her. My wife went to a club without underwear. She drank a lot, she danced, with a guy, he seemed impudent to me, because, as he felt my naked wife almost, he climbed under the dress. He led her to the corner of the dance floor, I lost sight of my wife first when I found it, he in impudently opened her chest and touched her with his hands and even touched her lips. I did everything so that my wife noticed me, and motioned that she should stop and return to her field of vision. Tatiana did as I told her, but she was very excited, I realized that she did not come right away, only after about five minutes. I began to watch her, but if it should be, then it should be, my phone rang and I had to go out, could not speak with loud music, it was an important call when I returned, I could not find my wife on the dance floor. I began to look for her, the whole club searched, even in the toilets M and F looked.

And he accidentally bumped down the stairs and saw in poor visibility how the guy puts on a condom and the wife looks, then he bent her with cancer and began to insert, I wanted to break in and stop it, but I thought that I loved her very much and let her not know that I saw everything. I stood and watched as a stranger fucks my beloved wife. He fucked her quickly and hard first my wife finished, then he. I left the shelter, allegedly returned from the talks, my wife sat at a table, I sat down with her and did not show the appearance that I had seen everything. Only at the moment of sex, my wife told me that she was fucked at the club, and you know what I’ll tell you: she said that it’s better than the man we love, there’s no one on earth and who the hell I give my treasure, this case gave me understand how much I love her!

I blame it all, only myself.


Second cousin

My name is Nastya, I was 20, as in the summer I went to my grandmother in the village, there was no internet, my second cousin, Vlad, was 24, he was 24, he had no girlfriend, and when I came to my grandmother, I loved to go to him and walk with him. Once we went to stove, me, my brother.

Previously, we swam completely naked, but since quite a lot of time had passed, we became adults, and we didn’t swim very naked. But when we swam, I still decided to take off her panties and a bra, while he dived, I quickly threw the bottom clothes on the beach.

He emerged, and said: why did you take off your underwear ???

I said: that it is not convenient for me to swim in a bathing suit, he said a little confused: I see. I dived in and swam towards him, and began to touch his dick, he was sticking out, he felt it, took me, and took out of the water, saw my naked chest, he froze and looked at my nipples. I grabbed his dick again, and he immediately let me go, buying a little more, we went ashore. I did not wear a swimsuit, put on shorts and a white T-shirt through which my nipples were very visible. I asked my brother: Vlad, may I come to you. Grandma’s house was much longer than you, and I need to take a shower after the bid? He said yes good! When we arrived, I said that I would go first.

When I went into the bathroom, I did not specifically close the door, turned on the water and started to undress, I started washing my body, thereby spreading my legs and started to caress myself, my brother passed by and saw how I masturbate. He stood behind the wall, with his eyes began to watch me caressing myself, when I noticed that he was looking at me, I pretended as if I had not seen him. He then left, and I just bathed, got dressed and went out, and said that I went home. In the meantime, he went to the shower, I took a sleeping pill into his cup of water, then I hid in a cupboard, in which he very rarely looked in, I heard him go out, drank water and went to bed, he lay on his back, and that was it is better. I took all his clothes off of him and started tying him to the bed.

Seeing his dick, I could not resist and began to jerk him and stick his finger in his anal, when a member stood up, he was so big, 20-23 centimeters. I started to suck his dick off him, after I took off all my clothes, after I started rubbing my letters about his face, I was so excited that my vagina began to excrete juices. A little jerking off a member that he stood up, I started to sit on his penis, I felt that his cock about something rests, I sat down stronger, and screamed a little from the pain, and I realized that I lost my virginity.

But despite this, I began to jump on his penis. While I was jumping, he began to wake up, and began to say: what are you doing fool?!?! He began to twitch, trying to untie his hands, but it excited me even more.

I got up from his dick, went to the bathroom to do an enema for myself, when I cleaned my anal, I went to my brother and began to insert his dick into my anal (I wanted to know how it is anal sex) when I began to insert his dick into my anal, He saw that it hurt me a little, he began to fuck me hard, I began to moan so much that he began to fuck him even harder, I fell on him, and he fucked me further.

When he stopped, I thought that he was tired, and he was ending my ass from orgasm, his sperm began to flow from my asshole, I wiped my ass with two boys, and licked them. And when I sat on his stomach, I terribly wanted to write, and I could not stand it and wrote to my brother, I began to lick my urine from his body. I wanted to suck his dick again.

After I started it, and he told me: now we will fuck every time when you come to grandmother!


Kaif in the village without a spouse

A year ago, I went to my old friend.

She lived outside the city, in the village. At the bus stop, two guys came out with me. It turned out that they were sent to the same village. From the stop you had to go another two kilometers. The guys helped carry things. On the way, talking. The guys studied at the institute, and now they have come to rest.

One of them, Slava, lived in this village. A friend worked during the day: she left in the morning and returned in the evening. I spent the first day at home, and then, on the advice of a friend, I began to walk to the river during the day. On the opposite shore was a good place to rest: a sandy beach, and behind it immediately began a forest. On this day there was no one on the shore. Having bathed, I went, as usual, to wander through the forest. Suddenly voices were heard from the bushes.

Curiosity took its. Trying to be inconspicuous, I walked a few more meters until I noticed those who were talking. It turned out to be my friends guys: Slava and Sergey, and with them a girl I did not know. The piquancy of the situation lies in the fact that they were engaged in three sex. Of course, I watched porn movies several times, but here everything happened right before my eyes, literally a few meters away (the good thing was that the thicket was thick, and I crept as close as possible). The woman sighed, moaned, screamed, wriggling in the arms of the guys.

Poses changed several times. At the end of this holiday of love, the guys entered it simultaneously, using the vagina and anus. And all three have finished. From what I saw, I caught my breath, the excitement was so great that as soon as I touched the clitoris, as soon as I finished. Great effort I had to not scream at this moment. I saw all my sexual fantasies awake. How many times have I imagined how to make love with two men at the same time, satisfying their most lustful desires and receiving great pleasure in return. I changed my clothes on the beach (my panties were very wet). All day I did not get out of my head.

Thoughts were confused, I wanted to be in the place of the woman, just do not hide my emotions, having fun, but on the other hand I did not want to cheat on my husband. The next day, as usual, I was on the river. Curiosity still took its toll, and I went to look at yesterday’s place, but there was no one there. When I walked through the woods and returned to the river, I saw my friends I met on the shore. Inwardly I was very happy, but outwardly I tried to seem indifferent. Guys splashing in the water, sunbathed. Communication was pleasant and I kept looking at their faces, bodies, and what was in swimming trunks more and more.

The guys also didn’t hide their curiosity, joked, told piquant jokes. I almost did not hide my interest in talking about it. Excitement gradually increased. My two entities struggled in me desperately: on the one hand, a faithful, loving wife, and on the other, a passionate, unsatisfied female. I suddenly found that the second is clearly winning, but still did not dare to take the first step towards it. I silently got up and went to the place where they made love yesterday. For myself, I decided if the guys come, then I will not hide my desire. I took off my swimsuit and lay down on my stomach. She covered her face with her palm, leaving a crack so that you could watch the path I came here. Tedious waiting time.

Everything was ablaze in the abdomen. And finally, I heard footsteps. The guys were heading in my direction. I turned my back on them, knelt, bent my head to the grass, and putting my hand between my legs, began to caress myself. When the guys saw me, they first stopped, looking at what was happening, and then they came very close to me and watched in silence. I started to get stronger and stronger from the awareness that masturbating in front of the guys. It gave me great pleasure to twist the body, voluptuously groan and moan. Suddenly, I felt one of them clasp my hands around my buttocks. I turned around – it was Glory.

In my eyes and in my eyes one could easily read a great desire. Without saying a word, I buried my head in the grass, clearly hinting at the more decisive actions of the guys. Slava continued to caress my body, until, finally, he abruptly entered me. Before he could make a few pushes, a strong orgasm shook my body. I groaned very loudly, clutching my hands in the grass. Slava continued, and I tried to help him with my convulsive body movements. Strongly provoke the fact that Sergei was watching us. Glory did not leave my body alone for a second. In a fit of passion, he strongly bit me on the nipple, and to my great surprise, I discovered that it gave me great pleasure, given a strong impulse between my legs.

I have noticed before that I am not indifferent to pain when having sex, but I did not expect such an effect. It was very sweet, and before Slava finished, I got two more orgasms. It was my first time. Before that, I reached an orgasm very rarely, but here several at once. Then we made love in three. I did everything I wanted, in reality fulfilling all my long-awaited fantasies. The body did not obey my mind and got up all that it wanted.

Partners skillfully fulfilled my wishes. I finally got satisfaction from the blowjob, and even got an orgasm, when Sergey finished in my mouth (my husband never allowed him to do blowjob). I, like a lustful bitch that broke the chain, did not give the guys peace of mind. And the condition of the woman praying about sex excited me even more. Without any constraint, I attacked them, aging faster to restore their staunch soldiers. Lustfulness whipped out of me.

I really, like a bitch, walked on all fours, making obscene body movements with my ass, rubbed their breasts against their bodies, kissed and licked them. And when Slava, so I fell behind, jokingly slapped me on the pope, I got great pleasure. When we finally, tired and satisfied, lay flat on the grass, it was already evening.

We agreed to meet the next day. At night I hardly slept, remembering what had happened and fantasizing about the future. I was not reassured by the thought that tomorrow there would be an opportunity again to pour out all desires from myself. … and they took me in different poses, I was both a horsewoman, and a submissive litter, and finally I knew that I had two men at the same time … It’s a pity that we met only once (my husband came for me, I had to leave home).

Since then, she once came to a friend, but my boys were not in the village. Only unforgettable memories of those happy days in the routine of boring and monotonous family sex life remained.


Lesbian leanings

We were familiar with Masha for a long time and I often noticed different lesbian inclinations behind her, but somehow I didn’t really attach much importance to this. You know, it happens that girls kiss at a meeting, walk by the hand and all that.

So they do everything and always have been, but Masha somehow did it in a special way. She didn’t just set her cheek on the meeting for my lips, but she strove to catch me with her lips and not just touch for the sake of a tick, but rather kiss. Several times she even broke out her tongue.

She always justified by the habit of letting him out at the kiss and started to giggle and it all looked like simple girlish fun. I must say that I myself am such a friend, that I often look at the beauty of other girls and do not hesitate to show my charms in the bathhouse and look at naked girlfriends. It gets me a little bit and warms up from the inside.

Several times it was such that my pussy got wet when I went to the bathhouse with my friends. We often drop in such places. But then, when I was excited, I thought that this was due to the fact that I was naked. You know, it only happens that you undress, even to change clothes and get a little excited by your own nudity. That time I thought so. This I now know that I was then stirred up by the rounded shapes of the same Masha and another of our friends Katya.

That one generally had huge tits from the sight of which any person would get excited, especially the guy. In general, Katya never had problems with the men, and she often told us how she had sex with one thing or another. Sometimes she even steeples at the same time with several lovers. Listening to all this, it always seemed to me that it could not be so easy, and in Russia no one is having sex like that, even hungry students in hostels only fuck in pairs and in no other way.

But in such a way that two guys flogged you at the same time and you alternately substituted your hole and did blowjob to them – this can only be in American cinema on tape. So I thought in my youth, now I understand for sure that I was a fool and I needed to spend more time with Katya and her company, maybe my first group sex would have come much earlier than thirty years. By the way, my first gangbang, which I want to tell all happened in the same company: I am Katya and Masha. We drank a little, Katya had just just divorced her second husband, although she was not yet thirty at that time.

The reason was trivial – the girl does not know how to keep track of her hole and can fuck with the car washer while her husband is flipping through magazines in the rest room. Weak on the front, but I do not blame her, we are all women to some extent. We could say that that day we celebrated this event and everything was as usual. Masha kissed everyone as a hickey, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, Katya told me about her sexual adventures as a free lady, and I listened to all this attentively. After the restaurant we went to the billiard room, Catherine dragged us there, she wanted to meet the next guy there for the night, because her pussy was so itchy from the thought that she would fuck now and her ex-masturbate.

The time was past midnight and the pool room was just men – the best time to search for adventures to the three young girls is a little under the driver. We took champagne and fruit, drank and began to consider the public. It was so funny to see how all these dorks began to walk like peacocks, showing their playing skills and coolness. When girls appear in such places, they turn into males who want to show that it is they who are in charge here, but we girls know for sure that this is all a play and we are the main ones. It is we who choose for ourselves a lover, and it doesn’t matter to us how he will behave and how he will look.

Experienced Catherine spotted a company of guys at the next table and invited them to sit down with us. Those from the company that most stood out for the game immediately merged and were scared to talk with us, but among them were two brave men who didn’t mind talking to us and having a little drink.

We talked and I did not understand how they turned out to be the whole friendly company in my house. Why no one in me can still say. We settled in the living room at the table and drank wine. I was already pretty drunk and ready for anything and Masha saw it.

That evening she paid quite a lot of attention to me, poured wine and champagne in the billiard room. The bitch was preparing and soldering me the way the guys do, but I’m not angry at her – she did everything right. Katya was already hanging on two guys and whispering with them, Masha stroked my thigh, gradually rising higher and higher straight to my pussy. I did not resist her, but lay back in my chair and spread my legs wide apart. Two guys have already started kissing Kate in the neck and lips, and Masha began to caress my crotch. She no longer took her hand down, but constantly kept her right on the pussy massaging her again and again, from which I was excited even more. I liked to look at the beginning sex of my girlfriend and feel on the perineum such a gentle and gentle hand of Masha.

On the other side of the table, we began to undress, and we tried to keep up. I myself took off the upper part of clothes and showed poured breasts. By that time, the bra had already been unbuttoned, and nothing was covering the boobs. For a moment, the guys were distracted from Katya’s body and looked at mine, which aroused me greatly. One of them has already inserted Kate from behind and looked at me during sex. Masha also undressed herself and sank down to my hole to kiss me there. I turned so that she was comfortable making Cooney.

Oh god How well she licks. In this setting, group sex, I got an orgasm from Cooney in just a couple of minutes. Usually guys need much longer to lick and fuck me to orgasm, and here it is, the Cries and moans continued for a long time, but that first time of my group sex I didn’t sleep with a man, but enjoyed only lesbian sex with Masha and Katya.

And they, and I made them several times nice.


My neighbors

When I divorced, I had to sell the house in order to give my “honest” half of our fortune to my ex-wife. I will not discuss how it was the “honest” half.

In general, I had to move to a small house in the cheaper area. I need to spend the night somewhere, after all! Soon I realized that I had not lost a bit by settling in my shack. In fact, now that in my bedroom there are no two wardrobes with dresses, I have nothing to occupy all this empty space. And I suddenly had so much free time! And most importantly, no one needs to report why I need a third can of beer or why Roy calls this at half past nine o’clock …

To my great pleasure, I discovered that the windows of my kitchen go straight to the courtyard of a neighboring house where two very pretty girls live student Particularly pleased that they often bask in the sun in such ma-a-scarlet swimsuits, and it is in this courtyard. I even brought a chair to the kitchen to watch them. When they start rubbing each other with oil for tanning, it seems to me that my fly will burst, and I will have to part with all my regular pants!

One sunny day in the middle of July, one of my neighbors, looking at my window, noticed me! Well, what else could I do? I had to wave it in greeting and open the window. – Hello! , reached me. – Hello! You girls don’t want soda? Or a beer? – Come on! – almost in one voice beautiful women shouted. After a moment, they had already left the blanket on which they were lying and, beating around the house, were knocking on my door. Getting to the door, I tried to think of something to do so that the girls would not notice how I was standing. And since the day was very hot, I had nothing but light cotton shorts …

And then I decided: “And what the hell, in fact?” And opened the door, letting in from inside. “Hi, I’m Connie,” said the one that is higher. And this is Laura. Connie was two or three centimeters higher than her girlfriend, and her blond hair was a darker shade than Laura’s mane. Laura stepped inside and nodded to Connie, glancing at the large bed in the bedroom.

Connie blossomed into a smile. While everything was going well, the girls did not notice a bulge the size of a big cucumber sprinkled with my shorts … But then Connie blurted out: “Looks like you have problems … There, under these old shorts …”. – What are you talking about? – I asked, trying to hide the embarrassment. Laura giggled. Sit down and I’ll make soda water for now! – finally, I managed to slip into the kitchen. And how old are they, by the way? Maybe they also can not drink something? – Girls, is it not dangerous to give you beer? How old are you at all? “I scream from the kitchen.” – I – 20, – this is Connie. And Laura – 19. What are you going to withhold this valuable product from us?

By the way, he called himself – we didn’t get stuffed up! At this time, I am standing in the kitchen trying to attach shorts so that they are not particularly noticeable mounds. However, my attempts did not succeed. When I entered the room with two glasses of soda, the first thing I heard was: “Aha, Laura, look, he thought we would not notice anything!”. – Okay, do not be shy, show it to us! We didn’t come to you for soda! And Laura constantly got up from the couch, slowly and erotically pulled off her panties from a swimsuit, then she put her hands on the bed, exposing her charming ass into the air, and called: “Stop being modest! Come on, insert your piece in my ass!” I was just in shock! However, Connie has already pulled off my shorts, leaving Adam in a costume with bulging parts.

But I still didn’t believe it was coming with me! While I was standing like a complete idiot, with a sticky member. Connie came to the bathroom and brought a tube of tanner. After that, she threw the tube on the bed not far from Laura, which was standing, showing me her smoothly shaved temple and easily turning her hips. Connie knelt down behind her friend, opened Laura’s already wet lips with one hand, and easily began to insert her finger into her friend. And I still stood in the middle of the room, listening to Laura’s moaning and tightly grabbing my cock. But my numbness passed, I moved the coffee table with the glasses on it closer to the wall. And Laura immediately stood in the middle of the room “cancer”, revealing to me all her charms.

Connie rubbed oil on my dick, and then firmly grabbing it, dragged me closer to waiting Laura! When a beautiful girl grabbing your dick sends it in the ass of another beauty, this is unforgettable! I knelt behind Laura, Connie pressed the head of my dick to the back hole of her friend, and I gently began to push him deeper. Immediately I didn’t succeed, and I had to push harder, Laura bit her lower lip, she had tears in her mouth, but she was silent, without uttering a sound, I didn’t enter beyond the sphincter. Only now she whispered: “Wait!”. A minute later, her ass muscles relaxed, and I was able to enter this beautiful ass to the full depth of my dick! Connie had already settled under us and began to lick my balls with her tender tongue while I had her girlfriend. I moved all by increasing and increasing the pace, not believing that I was having anal sex with one beauty, while the other was working on my tongue.

If this gentle tongue disappeared, then Connie took hold of Laura’s smooth pussy while my piston walked in her ass. Not every porn you see this! Here Connie’s palm fell on my ass, I feel her wet finger entering my ass while I fuck Laura in the back passage! Her ass is always lovely! So elastic, so tender! Suddenly, Connie’s finger enters my bottom all the way down, and – AAAa! I’m starting to finish …

Connie hastily pulls out my twitching dick from her girlfriend’s ass and puts it in her mouth, hoping to profit from something. She swallows all the sperm and licks licentiously lips looking at me. Laura rises to her feet: – Well, and how does this stallion taste? That day I learned a lot about the tongues, butts and pussies of my neighbors. It turned out that both of them adore sex when one of them has an anus and the other can lick a girlfriend’s vagina and a member that is part of a fake ass!

In general, you know, I have never yet regretted that I had divorced!